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Change Date
Change, Update, or Revision
11 Dec 12 Reassignments
New info

Added new GI Joe Club figures for 2011-2012.

29 Oct 12 Misc Intel
New Section

Added a section which looks at GI Joe at Christmas. Shows many of the Christmas catalog pages from years gone by.

06 Nov 11 Maintenance Depot
New Info

Added a section on how to clean Life-Like hair.

06 Aug 11 New Recruits

A new review of the "Celebrating Real Heroes" line - Rapid Response Commando and US Army Heavy Gunner.

14 Jul 11 Operations Schedule
New Update

Latest update on the release of the new 12 GI Joe figures.

16 Apr 11 Platoon Photos
New Info

Began adding a section on GI Joe footlockers.

29 Jan 11 All pages

Deleted all old information and general update.

22 Nov 10 Communication Links

Updated and re-verified links.

19 Feb 10 Main page
Convention News

Added GI Joe Collector's Club news on the 12" package and convention details.

16 Dec 09 Misc

Minor fixes required from Yahoo switch from Geocities and miscellaneous updates.

17 Oct 09 Main Page
New data

Updates from the GI Joe Collector's Club. Convention announcement for 2010. Fixed counters now that Geocities is gone. Some new photos - see platoon photos.

14 Sep 09 Today's Soldiers
New data

Some corrections and product numbers for the existing product list for Valor vs. Venom, store exclusives, and others thanks to some information from loyal visitors like Andrew Garrison.

05 Apr 09 Misc

Continuing to add photos of the many carded and boxed GI Joe sets.

03 Feb 09 Misc
General update

Overall update of all pages.

27 Dec 08 Misc Intel
New Section

Added a new section, "Sets & Series", containing information on Hasbro set names and product numbers for vintage soldier, sailor, marine, pilot, adventures of joe, gi joe adventure team, and mike powers.

08 Nov 08 New Recruits
New photos

Added photos of the new Wal-Mart 45th anniversary joes.

03 Aug 08 Platoon Photos
New Section

Added a new section showing my GI Joe Room. Keep checking for additional information.

30 Mar 08 Platoon Photos

Added a section for GI Joe related Christmas ornaments and adusted the menu of topics.

03 Dec 07 Misc Intel

New photos of some rare accessories.

28 Oct 07 New Recruits

New photos of the 2007 Convention figures and accessories.

19 Sep 07 Platoon Photos

New photos of GI Joe related children's toys - web belt, pistol, holster.

11 Aug 07 New Recruits

Photos of the new Wal-Mart joes and their boxes including closeups of the heads.

03 Aug 07 Paperwork
News and photos

See Paperwork N Stuff for a picture of the new Wal-Mart GI Joe advertisement. Also see the latest news of this figures distribution on the main page.

20 Jul 07 Operations Schedule
Multiple Pages

Updated news on the main page. See the operations schedule for a new 2007 release schedule.

12 Jun 07 Main Page

Updated news and updated photos in the rare items and GI Joe toys.

27 Apr 07 Main Page

New email address.

15 Apr 07 Platoon Photos
New Adventure Team.

Added photos of a new Adventure Team member - River Adventurer.

30 Dec 06 Main Page
Multiple Changes.

General maintenance. Reformat of base exchange. Update to links page. Moved instructions for replacing GI Joe Collector's Club Talking Commander head to maintenance page. Updated Todays Soldiers.

28 Nov 06 New Recruits
New photos.

Added photos of the new Hot Topic GI Joe.

07 Nov 06 Recon Reports
Page reformat.

Added a recon section for Hot Topic stores in anticipation of the Hot Topic 12" GI Joe exclusive.

06 Oct 06 Main Page
News update.

News on the Hot Topic GI Joe items coming this fall.

27 Sep 06 Platoon Photos
New photos and info.

New coloring book photo. Also, new information on the main page.

13 Sep 06 Platoon Photos
New photos and info.

Loaded new photos and information for the Irwin amphicat and the GI Joe medic bag. Also updated the main page with new GI Joe Collector's Club news regarding the new Green Beret set.

10 Sep 06 Misc Intel
Updated info

New information for the NorCal show.

07 Jun 06 Maintenance Depot
New Section

Added new section describing how to eliminate stains from the surface of GI Joe action figures.

11 May 06 Platoon Photos
New Photos

New information added. New accessories.

09 Apr 06 Platoon Photos
New Photos

New information added. New accessories.

24 Feb 06 Main Page

Latest news update regarding the new Club membership figure and accessory pack.

17 Feb 06 Main Page

News update regarding Sgt Rock figures now available at Tuesday Morning. Updated pictures in the new recruits section soon.

02 Feb 06 Main Page

News update.

08 Dec 05 Main Page

Latest convention news and minor update of the main page.

03 Dec 05 New Recruits

New photos of some closeout joes. Also new news on the main page.

30 Nov 05 Main Page

Corrected information on the new 40th anniversary helmets.

18 Nov 05 New Recruits

Added photos of new joe acquisitions.

12 Nov 05 Platoon Photos

New photos in the miscellaneous section. Also updated the news.

23 Oct 05 Paper Work
Additions & corrections

Fixed broken links to some wav files and added additional files.

30 Aug 05 Platoon Photos
New photo

New photo of Arctic Adventurer.

20 Aug 05 Operations Schedule

New operations schedule for the few new figures coming out.

04 Aug 05 Main Page

Updated news on the latest figures and Hallmark ornament.

17 Jun 05 New Recruits
New photos

Posted photos of latest figures.

04 May 05 Main Page

Posted news on the Hallmark Christmas ornament for 2005.

20 Apr 05 Main Page

Hot Hasbro news on upcoming consumer direct on-line sales.

16 Apr 05 Main Page

Several updates - main page news, Recon reports.

03 Apr 05 Multiple

Several updates - main page, New Recruits, and reformat of Today's Soldiers.

04 Mar 05 Operations Schedule
Update schedule.

Updated the operations schedule based upon the latest cancellation of the 12" line.

16 Feb 05 Main Page
News Update.

Announcement that Hasbro has discontinued the 12" Joe line.

15 Feb 05 Main Page
News Update.

Updated latest news regarding Disney exclusive clearance. Also check out the latest TRU recons.

27 Jan 05 Main Page
News Update.

Updated latest GI Joe Collector's Club 2005 convention news and clear figure give-away.

26 Jan 05 Main Page
News Update.

Updated latest GI Joe news. Moved all 40th Anniversary information to its own page accessible via a link in text on home page.

03 Jan 05 Main Page
News Update.

New figures on shelves.

24 Dec 04 Operations Schedule
Format changes.

General page format updates PLUS new 2005 figure release information.

09 Dec 04 Main Page
Price update.

Updated the latest clearance price on JC Penney Mountain Troop figures.

03 Dec 04 Main Page and New Recruits

Updated news on the main page and new figures in new recruits.

17 Nov 04 Main Page
Updated news.

Updated news on the main page.

31 Oct 04 New Recruits
New photos.

Added photos of the new Marine Scout Marksman and Special Response Team. Also updated news on the main page.

11 Oct 04 Main Page
News Update

Updated NEW ON SHELVES and Meijers figure news. Removed McDonalds toy news.

25 Sep 04 Main Page
News Update

Updated news regarding Happy Meal toys, Meijer figures, and Indiana Jones exclusive from Disney.

15 Sep 04 New Recruits
New Photos!

Uploaded some photos of pieces from two of the latest World Peacekeeper military sets - Camping and Military Life.

11 Sep 04 All Pages

Began process of revamping page titles.

08 Sep 04 New Recruits
New Picture

Added a picture of the JC Penney Mountain Troops box that came in the mail today.

01 Sep 04 New Recruits
New Picture

Added a picture of the JC Penney Mountain Troops figure from the 2004 Christmas catalog. Also GI Joe McDonald's Happy Meal toys news is on the home page in HOT NEWS.

29 Aug 04 New Recruits
New figures added.

Added two new 40th Anniversary figures to the new recruits.

24 Aug 04 Hot News
New figure

Disney's Mission Space figure is out. See the main page as well as the operations schedule.

23 Aug 04 Reassignments
New Addition

The "Reassignments" page was added to allow visitors to know what new information has been added, changed, or updated. Only the most recent information (about one month or so) will be retained. This has been in the works for a while.

18 Aug 04 Return to Base
Club News

Details on ordering Meijer figures from the Club.

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