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Vintage Figures

Action Pilot
Air Police
Action Soldier
Action Soldier
Action Soldier
Tank Commander

This outfit is on a C-9 1966 figure. It includes a mint A.P. helmet, short black JAPAN boots, excellent JAPAN orange flight suit, M-1 carbine (strap is a bit stretched) with a mint bayonet, mint gray field phone, white pistol belt with black holster and .45 pistol.

This set took me about 2 years to piece together. Although it's not mint, it's still a good C-8. The grey gloves are nearly impossible to find. I had to get them from a dealer at the San Jose Convention in 1997. That low-life bought all the pairs of gloves from another dealer before the show even opened. I ended up paying 3 times what he originally paid. If you're one of those types of dealers, stay away from me. You give the hobby a bad name.

This has got to be by far my favorite figure. I purchased this figure from the original owner. It includes a beautiful mint fatigue field jacket, mint trousers and shirt, mint rifle with bayonet, mint helmet with netting, rare mint first issue tall black rubber boots, and a first issue rare cloth first aid kit. All of this on a mint trade mark figure (easily my favorite) complete with mascarra eye brows. The figure also includes a mint backpack, grenades and entrenching tool with cover. I'm afraid to take off the boots to see if he has first issue baby feet. Judging from his hands, I have every reason to suspect that's the case.

The year 1967 was definitely a great year for Joe accessories and this set was no exception. This is one of the harder sets to put together mainly because of the radio. Many times the radio tripod is broken or repaired and the stickers are either missing, damaged or reproductions. The helmet and microphone are also difficult to find in prime condition. Another nice part of this set is the tan vinyl jacket w/fur collar. I happened to stumble upon this set as part of a collection at an antique store. It includes a HASBRO JAPAN .30 machine gun and two ammo boxes. One ammo box is the orange paint variation.

Action Marine
Action Pilot
Action Soldier
Action Sailor

The basic Action Marine. This one is a C-9.0 trademark figure with TM Japan shirt and TM trousers.

The basic Action Pilot. This one is a C-9.0 trademark figure, but with a dirty orange jumpsuit.

The basic Action Soldier with the US Army flag (not included with the basic soldier). This one is a C-7.0 figure with a TM fatigue cap, repro boots and repro hands.

The basic Action Sailor. This one is a C-8.0 1967 pat pending figure with a rubber sailor cap.

Mike Powers
Action Pilot
Dress Uniform
Action Pilot
Hasbro Defender

This is Mike Powers or Hasbro's answer to the Six Million Dollar Man. Shine a light through the top of his head and it will make his left eye shine. I found this one for $5 at a California swap meet.

This action pilot dress uniform is on a C-9 trademark figure.

I love the pilots! This Scramble Pilot comes with a nice gray flight suit, C8+ helmet with intact oxygen mask (even the little nibs on the straps). Most of the items were pieced together from Joe conventions. The most expensive item was easily the helmet and oxygen mask followed by the green parachute.

Although not really a GI Joe, this is Hasbro's answer for Joe in 1976. This is a blow mold figure with extremely limited articulation. This one is wearing an Action Man tank commander jacket.

Action Soldier
Military Police
Norcal Lieutenant
Norcal Doughboy
Palitoy German

This basic Action Soldier is dressed in the brown version of the Military Police outfit uncluding the Ike jacket. The helmet strap is repaired. The M-1 rifle is a nice MINT C-10 version w/a pristine strap.

This is the custom Lieutenant unform created by the NORCAL G.I. Joe Club.

This is the custom WWI Doughboy uniform set created by the NORCAL G.I. Joe Club.

This Palitoy German outfit is on a vintage figure. The german cap is custom made.

Action Sailor
Shore Patrol
Action Marine
Beachhead Assault
Deep Freeze
Action Marine
Dress Marine

This Action Sailor Shore Patrol outfit includes the white U.S.N. duffle bag, double button trousers and side zipper pull over shirt.

This action marine beachhead assault outfit is on a C8 Trademark figure. I added a C9 brown M1, C9 bayonet, C9 camo helmet, and Japan camo fatigues. Also inclcluded is the camo tent, backpack, entrenching tool w/cover, cartridge belt, tall brown boots, and MINT dog tags. This guy is the poster child of this particular site.

This set is fairly hard to put together mainly due to the grey polar jacket. It's tough to find one in really good condition. Therefore, this piece is a bit more expensive for C8 or better condition. This grey polar jacket is a solid C9, near MINT. The boots are the yellow variation of the polar boots. Missing is the ice axe.

The Action Marine in dress blue uniform (brass buttons) with white garrison cap, marine corps flag, Hasbro shoes. The blonde painted hair figure was produced from 1967-75, has painted rivets, and is in C-8.5 condition.

Action Soldier
West Point Cadet
Action Sailor
Annapolis Cadet
Action Pilot
Air Cadet
Action Soldier
Green Beret

The cadets are some of the harder sets to piece together and quite popular. Here is the West Point Cadet uniform on a beautiful C-9 trademark figure. The figure has red hair (my favorite), blue eyes and painted rivets.

Here we have the Annapolis Cadet uniform again on a great looking C-9 trademark figure. This figure has black hair, blue eyes and painted rivets.

The third cadet here is the Air Cadet. This uniform is on a C-9 trademark figure with red hair and blue eyes.

This set is definitely a nice one. The Green Beret is very popular. Jacket, trousers, beret and accessories are all MINT. The dickie is a repro. The dickie is probably the most expensive piece to this set other than the beret w/an original intact insignia. The figure is a nice 1964 Mascara Joe. This one was a surprise gift from my wife during the San Jose convention. The set includes the radio, bazooka, and 2 shells.

Action Soldier
Snow Troop
Action Pilot
Crash Crew
Action Sailor
Deep Sea Diver
Action Soldier
Mountain Troop

This is a C-8 trademark figure. White snowshoes, ice axe, white backpack, white cartridge web belt, parka w/bear insignia, snow pants, mittens, short black boots, green sun goggles, 6 grenades, and white Hong Kong M-1 rifle w/strap.

This action pilot crash crew outfit is on a C-9 patent/copyright figure with blonde hair and brown eyes. The interesting thing about this guy is that his hair is a really deep blonde. Much darker than the regular blonde hair I am used to seeing.

This deep sea diver outfit is on a C-8 patent pending figure. The diver is one of my favorites. I never had him as a kid, but did grab him a few years ago in a huge collection that I picked up.

This mountain troops outfit is on a C-8 life-like brown hair figure with beard and blue eyes.

Action Soldier
Green Beret
Japanese Soldier

This is my second Green Beret in my collection. This one wears a mint jacket, trousers, and ascot. The best part of this figure are the boots. These are first issue brown rubber boots with the curved Hong Kong marking and are in MINT condition (still soft and flexible).

The Japanese soldier is from Hasbro's Soldiers of the World series. He comes with a mint uniform and acccessories. Still waiting to find a decent priced pistol belt and holster.

This GI Joe Aquanaut comes with the black sweater, black trousers with no pockets, MINT short black boots, black shoulder holster, revolver, and white sailor cap.

This GI Joe Adventurer comes with the difficult to find white ribbed T-shirt, tan trousers w/2 back pockets, tan shoulder holster, revolver, tall brown boots, and the rare tan fatigue cap. The tan cap can be a bit pricey.

Action Sailor
Marine Jungle Fighter

This smoothie trademark figure has beautiful painted rivets, flash on the fingers, pink face, and beautiful hair and eyebrows - never played with. He wears 1st issue trousers (2 front pockets, rear stitiched pockets), 1st issue work shirt, tall black rubber boots (marked Hong Kong on heel), C6 3rd issue triple trademark box, hard white sailor cap, and dog tag.

I looked years to finally find a decently priced Marine Jungle Fighter. This is one of nice 1967 sets and includes a very nice, perfectly matched jade green shirt and trousers. Other accessories include tan jungle figher hat, tan web belt, canteen, tan cloth canteen cover, black holster and pistol, knucke knife, machette w/sheath, flame thrower, M-16 rifle, and camouflage field radio.

Vintage Adventure Team Figures

Jungle Survival
Sea Adventurer
Sea Adventurer
Land Adventurer

Here are the two versions of the Adventure Team Jungle Survival sets. The short sleeve camo jacket came in both zipper and snap button versions.

This Adventure Team Sea Adventurer was one of the last two figures purchased when I was younger. Therefore, it never got much play. The only thing keeping this from being a complete MINT figure is the box. The uniform is exquisite. Beautiful work shirt and trousers. MINT boots and hunting rifle. AT sticker is MINT. Beautiful red life-like hair and beard.

This Adventure Team Sea Adventurer was one of the last two figures purchased when I was younger. It never saw any play at all. The only thing keeping this from being a complete MINT figure is the box. The uniform is exquisite. This is how this figure came in the Sea Adventurer box with the red jumpsuit. The jumpsuit is just like it came off the assembly line. MINT boots and shoulder holster/pistol. AT sticker is MINT. Beautiful red life-like hair and beard.

This C-8.5 figure is a "Made in Canada" figure with trademark and patent pending markings.

Air Adventurer
Smoke Jumper
Adventure Team
Talking Commander
Adventure Team
Talking Astronaut

This is the basic Air Adventurer with the orange jumpsuit, shoulder holster and pistol.

This smoke jumper outfit issued from 1972-75 is on a C-7.0 figure. It's missing the utility belt, tools, and AT sticker.

This is a Talking Commander (#7290) still mint in the box. The box is even shrinkwrapped in cellophane. I had never seen this before. I can only assume that Joe is in there never to be seen.

This astronaut is pretty sharp. The white fatigue cap is fairly hard to find. I found this vintage white cap in a lot of after market items. It was a little dirty, but cleaned up very nice.

White Tiger Hunt
AA Adventurer

This White Tiger Hunt is a nice Adventure Team set. I ended up with 2 tigers although the set only had one. The set includes the jacket, trousers, boots, hat, tent, tiger, campfire, rifle, tent braces, cage w/latch chain, instructions, and Adventure Team booklet.

I picked up this MINT AA Adventurer at an antique show. The woman's idea of the value far surpassed my idea, but we did settle on a price. The figure is immaculate and includes a good box with no inserts.

Vintage Medics

This pair of Marine Medics come loaded with medic accessories. The stretcher (probably the most valuable piece in this set and not shown here) is in C9 condition. I picked it up as part of a collection several years ago. Each carries a cloth medic bag and is equipped with stethoscope and plasma bottles. Plenty of crutches and splints are ready for action. Most of the accessories are minimum C7-C8 condition. The Soldiers of the World Medic Jeep is a great buy for only $29.99. It includes nice hard rubber tires, shovel, axe, gas can and plastic windshield.

Man of Action
Lost Mummy

This is a mint Man of Action figure in the box with all the contents (boot instructions, rank stickers, and join the club paperwork. I could just cry when I look at the J.C. Penney price sticker still on the box - $1.99. Where's that time machine?

This is the actual set I had many years ago and kept all these years. This was the Sears version of Secret of the Mummy's Tomb or as Sears called it, "Recovery of the Lost Mummy Adventure." The winch did not come with the ATV in this version. I'm pretty sure I added the winch many years later when I dragged it out of the attic. Not shown here, but which also came with this set (and which I still have) was the adventure team helicopter, orange raft, animal trap, working compass, machete w/case, paddle, supply chest, first aid kit, and survival belt. The black AT Adventurer is mint.

Danger of the Depths

This is a pretty nice Adventure Team Danger of the Depths set still in the box. Box condition is about C-8 and the accessories are all mint. Unfortunately, the wet suit suffers from the standard brittle stiffening that these rubber suits almost always seem to succumb to over the years. I purchased this set at a toy show for a pretty good price - $60.


Timeless/Masterpiece Collection

Mission Splashdown
Talking Sailor
Mission Splashdown
Capsule Astronaut

This is other second outfit that came with the Toys R Us 1999 Timeless Collection "Mission Splashdown" exclusive. The figure donning this cool uniform is the "Then" figure that came with one of the clearanced eToys "Then and Now" sets.

This talking sailor was Target's exclusive Timeless Collection piece for mid-2002. Released in late July, this terrific piece unfortunately came with diecast accessories such as the .30 caliber machine gun, .45 pistol, helmet, ammo box, and radio. The figure itself is nice and the uniform sharp.

This is the figure from the Toys R Us 1999 Timeless Collection "Mission Splashdown." The reproduction figure wears the full astronaut suit.

Perilous Rescue
Australian Jungle Fighter
Forward Observer

The Perilous Rescue set re-introduces the vintage like rubber wet suit. This suit is made of a slightly thicker wet suit than the vintage type suits. Everything else in the set is pretty standard.

The Australian Jungle Fighter was a Target exclusive, but released at a very inappropriate time AFTER Christmas. The figures just sat on the shelf until finally clearanced out for $6.24. The uniform is of excellent quality especially the embroidered chevrons. The other accessories are fair.

This JC Penney exclusive was a popular reproduction of a very popular 1967 vintage set. It comes packed with gear and accessories.

AT 8 Ropes of Danger
Heavy Weapons
AT Black Spider

The 8 Ropes of Danger figure was issued in 2003. Although rumored to be a Wal-Mart exclusive, it began showing up in both Wal-Mart and Target stores. The set is very faithful to the Adventure Team set from 1970. Some pieces are the same as KB Toys Deep Sea Diver from the late 1990s. One negative with this set is apparently the life-like hair is actually a "stick-on" over the painted hair. Very cheap and very, very disappointing.

The KB Toys heavy weapons figure comes with many die-cast metal accessories including a M60 machine gun, mortar, and much more. The reproduction of the classic 1967 set brings back lots of memories.

This Target exclusive from 2002 sat on store shelves before a final $5 sticker price after Christmas. It's a nice set and a nice reproduction of a favorite vintage Adventure Team set.

Talking Action Pilot
Scramble Pilot

This KB Toys exclusive features one of my favorite figure series - the pilots. This talking action pilot (also known as the fighter pilot) comes with the cool, green G-pants, gold flight helmet, and yellow nylon Mae West vest. These 3 items in vintage format cost a fortune!

This scramble pilot wears the traditional grey flight suit and comes with several accessories just like the vintage figure.

40th Marine - Communications
Action Soldier - Footlocker
40th Soldier - Combat

The marine communications set, released in July 2003, is fantastic. Everything is very much like its original. Like the soldier, I also have a problem with the carbine rifle - softer plastic.

This action soldier is similar to the soldier in wave 1 except that this Target exclusive (released Oct 2003) included a fully loaded footlocker. The footlocker also had a hinge extending across the whole length of the footlocker instead of the standard two hinges.

This is a great reproduction of the combat set especially the field jacket. Released in July 2003, everything is top notch except for the rifle and bayonet. I looked forward to the bayonet reproduction, but it turns out looking very poor in quality and fake. The rifle is made of a softer plastic than the vintage rifles and so tends to bend out of shape a bit.

G.I. Jane Female Helicopter Pilot
Certainly not vintage, but one of my favorites from the Classic Collection. This one, of course, is the AA version. I just think this is one of the best figures Hasbro ever produced. Certainly much better than Hasbro's follow up female figure - the 82nd Airborne. Was that figure lame or what?!

K-9 Patrol
This is a classic collection carded figure with the K-9 Patrol deluxe mission gear. Personally, I think the scar on the dog is going a bit too far. This set comes with a sidearm big enough to use as a club and no holster to put it in. Who ever heard of having a pistol without a holster?

The background is the military sentry post made by IDEAL in the late 1960's. I found one of these at a swap meet and then bought another on eBay for a pretty decent price.

Military Photographer
Mitchell Paige
SOTW Vietnam

One of the new repro figures is shown here wearing the military photographer battle gear set. The trousers and boots are from the Tuskegee Bomber pilot.

Medal of Honor Recipient Mitchell Paige is the second of the Medal of Honor series after Francis Currey.

These two figures are the Perilous Inferno firefighter and another firefighter wearing the Smoke Jumper adventures of G.I. Joe set.

What can I say? This is the 2002 SOTW Vietnam Long Range Recon Patrol (LRRP) set on a timeless collection Joe figure. The set is beautiful and has great detail. The backpack is amazing! The muzzle flash comes off the M-16 and can then be replaced with a silencer. There are the standard ammo pouches and canteens. I really like the SOTW web belts. The knife, sheath, boonie hat, and tiger stipe fatigues are all top notch. SOTW is now surpassing Hasbro, far surpassing Dragon, and light years ahead of Ultimate Soldier.

Marine NBC
Hawaiian Territorial Guard
SOTW Drill Sgt

This Hasbro basic carded figure displays the Power Team World Peacekeeper Marine Nuclear Biological & Chemical (NBC) Specialist uniform and gear. He includes a chemical suit, vest, chemical boots, environmental mask and tank, pistol and holster, camo helmet (I added this), and a few other goodies. Power Team makes some interesting uniforms and gear. I don't care for the figure articulation although the head sculpts are great. Too bad they cannot be used with GI Joe.

This Hasbro basic carded figure displays the Power Team World Peacekeeper Delta Force uniform and gear. He includes a nice desert camo outfit (w/metal snaps), camo boonie hat, and some other assorted gear that I've added from my junk drawer. The best thing about the Power Team outfit here is the backpack. It's beautiful. Power Team makes some interesting uniforms and gear. I don't care for the figure articulation although the head sculpts are great. Too bad they cannot be used with GI Joe.

This figure is one of the more popular figures and seems to be one of the hardest to find. They sold out quite fast and probably before many knew they were in the store. The face sculpt is the same as the 442nd figure released earlier. The only negative thing about this set are the shoes. They fall right off the feet. Other than that, it is a great bubble card figure.

I love this Soldiers of the World drill sgt. The expression is great and the uniform is very cool. I especially like the brass marine belt buckle. SOTW has some of the most poseable figures around. I only wish they would make the chest and waist a bit smaller.

NY Fire Department
NYPD Street Uniform
NYPD Riot Gear
NYPD w/Jacket

This Real Heroes figure is the same mold as GI Joe as it was created by Don Levine. The New York Fire Department comes with all this gear. All of the gear is meticulous in detail and just beautiful. The helmet comes with a number sheet to put on any engine house number you like. This figure came as part of a 2-figure set along with a NYPD figure.

This Real Heroes figure is the same mold as GI Joe as it was created by Don Levine. I love the police figure in his street uniform. The patches on the arm are authentic New York City Police Department patches. The coolest accessory is the handcuffs. The badge number is 911.

This Real Heroes figure is the same mold as GI Joe as it was created by Don Levine. This is the same figure as the policeman in the street uniform, but is wearing the flak vest, riot helmet, and carrying the shotgun. The standard NYPD figure came with all this gear.

This Real Heroes figure is the same mold as GI Joe as it was created by Don Levine. Again, this is the same figure as the other 2 policemen, however this one came with the New York Fire Department figure. He comes with pretty much the same gear minus the shotgun, riot helmet, and flakvest. Instead, included is a very cool zippered police jacket.

SOTW U.S. Navy
WWI Doughboy
Vietnam Construction
Hockey Fan

This SOTW carded uniform is on a GI Joe classic figure. The set includes helmet, M1, ammo clip, ammo belt, 2 canteens, bayonet w/sheath, first aid pack, grenades, pistol w/holster, boots, and outfit. It's a nice set.

This WWI Doughboy is a nice set. This particular figure is a Joe with Gung-Ho grip. Not a bad deal for a KB Toys $14.99 clearance.

This Hasbro Vietnam Construction Engineer set is displayed on a GI Joe figure with Gung-Ho grip. Probably the coolest thing about this set is the yellow construction helmet. This is probably as close as you can get to the vintage orange helmet without spending $80. The worst thing is the cheap plastic web belt. The camo helmet isn't the greatest thing either.

This basic carded figure is wearing Hasbro blue jeans, SOTW tan boots, SOTW grey wool cap, and a McDonald's kids meal toy authentic 1/6 scale hockey jersey. This particular one is for the Edmonton Oilers. These were only available in Canada. I received three of these from a fellow collector in Canada.

GI Joe Club WWI German
Millennium WWII
Millennium Korea
Joe as a Fisherman

This is the club appreciation figure for 2003. Hasbro originally hoped to release this figure as part of its foreign collection along with the Japanese, Russian, German SS, and Israeli. The figure and accessories are typical of the foreign collection. The hat is a bit too small. The figure's hands are the more prototypical hands. Everything else is pretty decent and worthy of the intended price point.

The Hasbro Millennium Edition World War II figure. Excellent detail and a very cool diorama display.

The Hasbro Millennium Edition Korean War figure. Excellent detail and a very cool diorama display.

This basic GI Joe figure wears a "Pheasants Forever" limited edition outfit including a tan shirt, tan wading pants, orange hunting vest, and a hunting cap. The set also includes a cool hunting rifle in a green carry case, thermos, box to carry game, and a box of hunting shells. The tan boots are some basic Hasbro boots from past figures.

KMart SP
Millennium WWI
Millennium Vietnam
Marine Boxer

This figure came with the KMart exclusive Willy's Navy Jeep in 2003. This classic collection Gung-Ho grip figure included a white Navy top, white bellbottom trousers, white dickie, black tie, white helmt with liner and SP markings, tall black boots with tan molded leggings, tan plastic web belt, and dog tags.

The Hasbro Millennium Edition World War I figure. Excellent detail and a cool diorama display with the wing of a World War I biplane.

The Hasbro Millennium Edition Vietnam War figure. This one has a really cool diorama display, a portion of a Huey helicopter. The calvalry hat is pretty neat.

I had no interest in buying this figure when it came out in 2003, but when I saw it on clearance for $5 at a Wal-Mart, I figured it was too good to pass up for an extra body. The interesting thing about this figure is that the legs are HOF legs with bendable inner joints. The boots are also molded onto the botton of the feet with the boots and markings painted.

Home for the Holidays

This US Army soldier is �second to none.� Starting out as Hasbro�s �Home for the Holidays� figure, I stripped this uniform off the useless Hall of Fame body and put it on a Hasbro basic training head figure with the 1996 body and Gung-Ho grip hands. He wears the �Indian Head� shoulder insignia of the 2nd Infantry Division � 5-pointed white star with a left facing American Indian head laying inside a black shield. The figure includes black dress shoes, black socks, olive drab jacket with insignia, olive drab trousers, tan dress shirt with tie, olive drab cap, olive drab duffle bag with toys (horse and carriage, doll), wrapped Christmas package, and dog tag.



Air Raid Pearl Harbor
101st Airborne Bastogne
SeaBee Normandy

The Air Raid Pearl Harbor figure was one of the coolest from the Pearl Harbor series of figures. This one has a nice uniform and hat. The best item, however, is the nifty radio. With a push of a button, it broadcasts the "air raid Pearl Harbor, this is not a drill" message.

This 2003 SOTW 101st Airborne Infantry Bastogne outfit is on a World Peacekeepers super articulated figure with black goved hands. The outfit and figure have been severly weathered to more closely model the Bastogne experience.

This 2003 SOTW SeaBee Normandy outfit is displayed on a super poseable Hasbro figure. The set has some fantastic accessories including a sweet helmet, jacket with hood, and carbine rifle.

Audie Murphy
Ernie Pyle

Hasbro produced some famous personalities in their 12" line. This one of Audie Murphy, the most decorated soldier of World War II, has one of the most accurate depictions of a face that I have ever seen. The figure has some very cool and accurate looking accessories.

Hasbro produced some famous personalities in their 12" line. This one of Ernie Pyle, the famous war correspondent, is one of the best. The figure has some very cool and accurate looking accessories including a typewriter.


I love military police figures for some reason. Not sure why as I am neither in law enforcement nor the military. I think it has to do with the wide variety, color, and styles of the uniforms, helmets, and equipment. Either way, I like them and will usually stray outside the Hasbro line to pick one up.

KB Airborne MP
30th Anniversary MP
SOTW Snowbird ETO

This is the KB Toys Airborne MP uniform on a Hasbro Super-Articulated figure w/Gung-Ho grip. The helmet is pretty cool and much cheaper than the vintage version. Included is the original tan belt, dickie, billy club, and canteen from the KB set. I ditched the Hasbro Thompson and added a 21st Century Thompson along with SOTW 101st Airborne boots, knife/scabbard, flashlight, and Hasbro pistol w/helmet (better than the original huge version).

Here's one of the two 30th Anniversary convention figures from 1994 aboard the U.S.S. Intrepid in New York City. This one is the M.P. with his mint box. I purchased this as part of a small collection.

This 2003 SOTW M.P. "Snowbird" outfit is displayed on a basic training classic collection Hasbro figure. This is another very cool set with the white MP helmet, white web belt, white holster and billy club holder. The black whistle hanging from the pocket and silver chain are nice touches.

KMart Shore Patrol
Blue Box Military Police

This figure came with the KMart exclusive Willy's Navy Jeep in 2003. This classic collection Gung-Ho grip figure included a white Navy top, white bellbottom trousers, white dickie, black tie, white helmt with liner and SP markings, tall black boots with tan molded leggings, tan plastic web belt, and dog tags

This Blue Box Military Police figue has a nice helmet with yellow band and MP markings. I added a few accessories tossing aside the flimsie knife and other accessories that are usually found with these $9.99 figures.


My new GI Joe Adventure Team begins where the vintage line left off. This new line of adventurers moves beyond the simple land, sea, air theme and covers more specific areas. I piece together spare pieces involving Hasbro, Ultimate Soldier, or other 12" accessory lines to complete a set and then make my own AT uniform stickers. I still try to assign each figure with a shoulder holster that I usually obtain from the GI Joe Collector's Club.

Adventure Team White Agent
Adventure Team Black Agent

This Adventure Team member uses a Timeless Collection figure with metal AT dog tag. He wears a white jacket and trousers set from the Ultimate Soldier Villains series. Also included are a brown shoulder holster w/pistol, short black boots, and AT sticker reproductions from the GI Joe Collector's Club.

This Adventure Team duo stand on the ruins of the New York City World Trade Center with the American flag blowing in the wind. They stand as a symbol of strength against all those who would do harm. The diorama is the set from the NY City Fire and Police Department set released in 2002.

This Adventure Team member uses a Classic Collection figure with reproduction AT dog tag. He wears a black jacket and trousers set from the Ultimate Soldier Villains series. Also included are a black shoulder holster w/pistol, short black boots, and AT sticker reproductions from the GI Joe Collector's Club.

Jungle Adventurer
Adventure Team Special Courier
Adventure Team Tracker

This customized figure combines a Hall of Fame "Rapid Fire" head sculpt on a Classic Collection body. Hall of Fame items include jungle tiger strip trousers, white T-shirt, green jungle vest, and yellow backpack. Hasbro items include boonie hat, orange map case w/map, flare gun, and red first aid kit. 21st Century items include canteen, .45 pistol w/holster, knife w/sheath, shovel, rope, green camouflage rifle, binocular case, 2 equipment pouches, and bug juice bottle. Soldiers of the World items include tall tan boots and flashlight.

The Adventure Team Special Courier carries out many classified Adventure Team missions. This is a Hasbro Star War Imperial Officer body with GI Joe Hall of Fame Ace head, dark grey Star Wars Imperial grey tunic and trousers, black goggles, tall black boots, GI Joe club black black shoulder holster and pistol, and GI Joe Club Adventure Team sticker.

This Adventure Team member uses a Valor vs. Venom "Spirit Iron-Knife" Native American figure with long black hair and gloved hands. To help Iron- Knife track for the Adventure Team, he carries an assortment of gear for those sometimes inhospitable regions. Gear includes light brown T-shirt, light tan trousers, tan web belt, flashlight w/belt loop holder, brown GI Joe Club shoulder holster and pistol, GI Joe Club Adventure Team sticker, ammo pouch, rope, canteen, knife w/sheath, tall grey boots, binoculars, shovel w/cover, radio & radio holder, black headband, leather Native American arm pouch w/orange AT map holder and map.

Urban Adventurer
Space Station Adventurer
River Adventurer

This customized figure combines a Hasbro figure with a molded urban camouflage T-shirt, Hasbro boots, 21st Century rifle,and a few other accessories. I like the tan ball cap. I customized the AT sticker.

This Adventure Team figure works on the Space Station and includes a Hasbro super articulated basic training head figure with Gung-Ho grip hands, white Hasbro jumpsuit w/custom AT sticker, gray Hasbro equipment belt, silver pouch w/camera, engineering tools (compass, protractor), yellow emergency flashlight, black clipboard w/paper strapped to right leg, tall grey space boots w/silver buckles, black plastic watch, clear goggles, communication headphones w/cable, American flag band on left shoulder, and white space helmet w/custom AT sticker and yellow visor.

This customized figure combines a Hasbro super articulated figure with a Gung-Ho grip hands and a number of accessories to create a special river adventurer. Accessories include a camouflage T-shirt, Hasbro boots, 21st Century rifle, dark blue long sleeve sweater w/custom AT sticker, Hasbro dark blue trousers, short brown hiking boots, Hasbro boonie hat w/chin strap, ultimate soldier back pack, orange map case w/map, Hasbro orange life raft, brown oar, plastic web belt, Hasbro knife w/sheath, tan canteen w/US markings, .45 pistol, brown pistol holster w/US markings, olive drab flashlight w/red lens, ultimate soldier rifle w/scope.

Headquarters Air Adventurer Helicopter Pilot
Hostage Rescue Adventurer
Desert Adventurer

This Air Adventurer specializes as one of the official Adventure Team Headquarters helicopter pilots. He wears a few 40th anniversary accessories including the action pilot jumpsuit, tall black boots, and blue fatigue cap. Also included are the GI Joe Collector's Club repro black shoulder holster and revolver, green flashlight, and custom AT sticker.

This Adventure tasks the hostage rescue adventurer to those areas requiring his expertise. This basic training head, super-articulated Gung-Ho grip figure wears a white T-shirt, Hasbro black trousers, black jacket w/cargo pockets and Joe Club AT sticker. The tall black boots are Hasbro Real American Hero. The black Hasbro helmet sports a custom AT sticker. The figure is finished with the standard GI Joe Collector's Club black shoulder holster and pistol.

The Adventure Team employs many desert adventurers. This one uses a WWII head sculpt, super articulated, figure with Gung-Ho grip hands. He actually wears tan Mattel shorts, Hasbro tan shirt, sneakers, tan Australian jungle fighter repro socks, jungle fighter repro tan belt with brass buckle, repro machette and brown sheath, repro entrenching tool, repro Australian bush hat, black desert goggles, Joe Club brown shoulder holster w/pistol, Joe Club AT sticker, and red timeless metal flashlight.

Adventure Team ATV
Desert Adventurer

This member of the Adventure Team rides a Soldiers of the World desert tan ATV. The blond flocked hair/beard basic figure includes SOTW white villain jacket, tan Hasbro trousers, ultimate soldier 3/4 boots, tan hat, binoculars, shoulder holster w/pistol, green web belt, canteen w/tan cover, shovel w/brown cover, kinfe w/sheath, pistol w/holster, tan storage pouch, and SOTW desert camo M16 rifle.

This Hasbro blond flocked hair/beard figure includes SOTW white villain jacket, tan Hasbro trousers, ultimate soldier 3/4 boots, tan hat, binoculars, shoulder holster w/pistol, green web belt, canteen w/tan cover, shovel w/brown cover, kinfe w/sheath, pistol w/holster, tan storage pouch, and SOTW desert camo M16 rifle.

Adventure Team Commander
Urban Infiltration Adventurer
Land Adventurer

The Adventure Team Commander is in charge of all Adventure Team operations and personnel. This is a Hasbro Star Wars Dooku figure with Gung-Ho grip. Accessories include World Peacekeepers brown shirt w/fake leather elbow and shoulder patches, GI Joe Club AT sticker on shirt, World Peacekeepers desert camouflage trousers, short tan boots, tan plastic web belt, canteen w/tan cover, ammo pouch, GI Joe club brown shoulder holster and pistol.

The Urban Infiltration Adventurer specializes in infiltration and close-up surveillance of targets. This super-poseable Hasbro figure includes gray painted Gung-Ho grip hands, World Peacekeepers urban camouflage jacket & trousers, urban camouflage helmet, tall black boots, green plastic Hasbro web belt, Soldiers of the World tan canteen w/US markings, Soldiers of the World ammo pouches w/US markings (2), Hasbro black knife w/sheath, black flashlight, Soldiers of the World medic pouch w/US markings, black binoculars, GI Joe Club black shoulder holster w/pistol, new gray AT dog tag.

This new version of the classic Land Adventurer includes a super articulated Hispanic Joe with gray classic collection hands. He wears a 30th anniversary hasbro camouflage shirt w/custom AT sticker, 30th anniversary marine camouflage trousers, vintage Hasbro tan australian hat, reproduction Hasbro tall black boots, and GI Joe Collector's Club brown shoulder holster with pistol.

Arctic Adventurer
Arctic Assault Adventurer
Arctic Search & Rescue Adventurer

The Adventure Team Arctic Adventurer is a specialist for those missions in cold or arctic conditions. The figure is the Chief Torpedo figure from the Assault on Cobra Island set (molded T-shirt and classic collection hands). Accessories include World Peacekeeper white jacket with hood, white trousers, white weathered rifle, hiking pole, ice pick, white baclava, black wool hat, white boots, white camouflage pack, knife w/white camouflage sheath, Hasbro white mittens, white snow shoes, clear goggles, white T-shirt, green trousers, black shoulder holster w/pistol, GI Joe Collector's club AT sticker.

The Arctic Assault Adventurer carries out slightly more aggressive type adventures specializing in special operations for the Adventure Team in arctic type conditions. Equipped with arctic gear (arctic jacket w/custom AT sticker, arctic trousers, arctic boots, ice pick, snow goggles, and snow shoes) and other survival and assault gear (flashlight, white backpack, white cartridge belt, assault weapon, shovel, smoke grenades, binoculars and case, signal gun, and olive drab helmet w/custom AT sticker.

The Arctic Search and Rescue Adventurer is ready to respond quickly to rescue fellow comrades or others as directed by the Adventure Team. He comes equipped with a Storm Shadow jacket w/white hood & repro AT sticker, Storm Shadow trousers and tall white boots, white baklava, rope, grey camouflage rifle w/scope, blinker light, white arctic gloves, knife w/sheath, white belt, white and silver ice pick, binoculars, white arctic face mask, yellow smoke grenade, 2 red smoke grenades, radio, first aid kit, shovel, canteen, snow camouflage pouch, MRE, and mess kit.

Aerial Reconnaissance
Night Infiltration Adventurer
Adventure Team Security Forces

The Aerial Reconnaissance Adventurer is responsible for providing critical information to aid Adventure Team operations around the world. This African American Gung-Ho grip figure wears a yellow Action Pilot reproduction jumpsuit with custom AT sticker and Hasbro desert boots. The black turbo-copter and helmet are from the Timeless Collection Black Spider set. A button on the side of the copter makes the rotor move. This adventurer does not carry a weapon, using only a map and communications within the helmet to send vital information to Adventure Team Headquarters.

The Night Infiltration Adventurer specializes in getting in and getting out unseen during the night to accomplish whatever mission Adventure Team Headquarters assigns. This includes a Gung-Ho grip figure, black zipper jacket, black T-shirt, black cargo pants, tan Hasbro desert boots, black binoculars, black gasses, black boonie hat, pistol with leg holster knife, flashlight, radio, black backpack, orange map case and map, and 21st century automatic weapon.

Adventure Team Security Forces are responsible to general security at Adventure Team Headquarters and other Adventure Team locations. This figure wears Hasbro pieces included blue police trousers with cargo pockets, blue T-shirt, black body armor vest, black outer equipment vest w/custom AT sticker, automatic weapon, ball cap, die-cast red flashlight, radio, leg holster, .45 pistol, and smoke grenade.

Sea Patrol
Arctic Adventurer
Rescue Diver
Coming Soon

This Sea Adventurer specializes in sea patrol...looking for danger and ready to respond to those in distress. His Kennedy jacket keeps him warm and he uses his binoculars to scan for trouble. Figure also has Hasbro repro short black boots, tan trousers, black shoulder holster and pistol, web belt with first aid pouch and knife, white sailor hat, and brown T-shirt. A reproduction Adventure Team sticker tops off his jacket.

This Hispanic head sculpt figure includes white Gung-Ho grip hands, white and green camouflage winter jacket w/white fur hood, white and green camouflage winter trousers, knock-off short white boots, Hasbro reproduction white web belt, green flashlight, AT repro radio, Hasbro repro black binoculars, 21st Century clip on green canteen, GI Joe Club black shoulder holster w/revolver, Club AT sticker, white Action Man M-1 rifle w/plastic sling, yellow glasses, Hasbro Star Wars white and gray snow helmet w/built in radio.


Rendezvous Adventurer
Medical Technician
Australian Bush Adventurer

This adventurer specializes in secret rendezvous missions. He wears a Blue Box gray shirt and gray trousers. The velcro has been removed from the clothing and replaced with metal snaps. Included is a 40th anniversary flare gun and Hasbro reproduction short black boots. The black shoulder holster and pistol are GI Joe Club fix-me-up kit items. The AT sticker is a reproduction.

This GI Jane figure is wearing surgical scrubs from a Barbie knock off figure. I removed the velcro from the back and replace it with 3 metal snaps. Includes surgical top w/custom AT sticker, trousers, surgical mask and hat, vintage stethoscope, blue sneakers, white surgical table, white medical bag, medical clip board, and first aid kit.

This adventurer specializes in the Australian outback. This is a Hasbro Hispanic super articulated figure with Gung-Ho grip. He wears Hasbro repro Australian shorts, and tan T-shirt. It includes short brown boots, Hasbro repro Australian hat, repro British Sten gun, repro Australian socks, soldiers of the world green satchel, canteen, knife w/sheath, ammo pouch, .45 pistol w/holster, and web belt.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) TEAM

This Adventure Team UAV team is comprised of 3 team members. The UAV pilot (right) uses his laptop computer to pilot the yellow Adventure Team UAV. This basic training head figure includes a brown T-shirt with custom AT sticker, tan Hasbro trousers, web belt, canteen, ammo pouch, equipment pouch, first aid kit, and tan desert boots. He pilots the UAV which is custom painted and lettered for the Adventure Team. The team commander (center) is ready to respond and direct the team based on what the aerial system discovers and includes a brown T-shirt w/custom AT sticker, desert camouflage trousers, brown hiking boots, binoculars, equipment harness, pistol and leg holster, and desert camouflage tan cap. The third team member (left) stands ready to respond into the field and includes a blue short sleeve Hasbro shirt w/custom AT sticker, tan trousers, tall tan desert boots, tan hat, binoculars, web belt, pistol, brown holster, gun with rope and yellow grappling hook, entrenching tool, backpack, flashlight, climbing hooks, goggles, knife w/sheath, climbing pick, and carbine rifle. The team equipment includes a packing crate, olive drab equipment case with tools and AT markings, and UAV transmission gear.

Adventure Team Raft
River Adventurer

This member of the Adventure Team travels in a customized Adventure Team river raft. This raft is marked Hasbro, but may have been made for Action Man. I added a rope catapult to the missile launcher attached to the non-working motor. A first aid kit was attached to the back. I used my ink jet printer to make the AT symbols and other Adventure Team markings on the front and sides.

This River Adventurer has the WWII head sculpt and Gung-Ho grip hands. He wears a Hasbro short sleeve shirt with custom AT sticker and blue trousers. The shoes are from BBI. The boat includes a Hasbro 40th Anniversary oar (just in case the motor quits or Joe has to sneak up on someone during a mission) and radio. He also has a web belt, canteen, pistol & holster, and ammo pouch. The Hasbro boonie hat keeps the sun out of his eyes and the 21st Century rifle keeps the man-eating critters away.

WWII Germans
Here's a group of WWII Germans out for a casual drive in a Shwimmagon. This group includes two Dragon figures (excellent), a German Rifleman, and a German Infantryman.

Some of the boys take time out from chasing retreating Germans to pose in front of a checkpost and take a picture with General Patton. From left to right: Target Exclusive AA Action Soldier, Joe Club Exclusive Normandy Ranger, Carded Joe figure on Indian Motorcycle, and General Patton.

Kettenkrad Patrol
Here is the military gray version of the German Kettenkrad. This small German patrol is securing the countryside (my backyard). Hey guys, make yourself useful and water the lawn.

Ultimate Soldier- Modern MP
SOTW British Infantry
Desert Storm Desert Night Ops

This is a pretty sharp new set from 21st Century. Part of the Modern Forces series. Ultimate Soldier is unsurpassed when it comes to price and detail. I especially like the radio and radio holder. The pistol holster is made from a new softer material. I find it hard to keep the holster flap closed.

This Soldiers of the World (SOTW) British Infantry figure is a steal at $7.99. I tossed the figure, replaced all the velcro with metal snaps, put a strap on the weapon, and dulled the shine on the helmet using Testors Dull Cote. An Ultimate Soldier carded figure fills out the uniform. This khaki uniform with the shorts is very cool.

The Ultimate Soldier Desert Night Ops uniforms are very cool. The figure on the left is an Ultimate Soldier basic carded figure wearing 21st Century night ops trousers, boots, belt, beret, and weapon. I added a Soldiers of the World desert night ops jacket w/hood, web belt attachments (first aid kit, ammo pouches, canteen) and binoculars. The figure on the right is an Ultimate Soldier in the full 21st Century desert night ops gear.

British SAS Scud Hunter

This is a nice set from 21st Century. Part of the Modern series. The equipment and boots are weathered nicely. This uniform set is on a super soldier body.

World War II Army Medic
Urban Warrior

This World War II Army Medic comprises many different sets and manufacturers on a Hasbro Timeless Collection figure. The uniform and boots are from Ultimate Soldier. The helmet, twin medic bags, plasma bottle, belt, medical supplies, and canteens are pieces from the new Hasbro World War II medic battle gear. The medic holds a SOTW medic tool bag in his hand and has a SOTW water bottle around his neck and knife/sheath on his belt.

This Urban Warrior consists of a GI Joe Vietnam Memorial figure (with greying hair) wearing Hall of Fame "Rapid Fire" urban camo jacket, trousers, and cloth covered helmet. He's packed with equipment including an Ultimate Soldier urban camo sniper rifle w/scope, 2 fragmentary grenades, 3 tear gas grenades, web gear, first aid pouch, 2 canteens, knapsack, Soldiers of the World tall black boots, .45 pistol w/holster, knife with sheath, and flashlight.

Assorted Germans

This assortment of WWII Germans are all Ultimate Soldier uniforms on various GI Joe and Ultimate Soldier figures.

Bazooka Team

"Prepare to fire..." A pair of Hasbro figures wearing the SOTW bazooka team outfits (loader and firer) prepare to load and fire. The two SOTW carded outfits were released in 2003. The bazooka has some nice details and working parts (movable/collapsable bipod, retractable site and moving cap). The firer also has a spectacular pair of binoculars with actual adjustable lens pieces just like real binoculars. They also come with a very nice brown binocular case. The loader has a spectacular M2 ammunition bag with 4 bazooka shells and two bazooka round cases w/removable caps.

The following vehicles include Hasbro, Ultimate Soldier, Irwin, and other 12" vehicle manufacturers. Some of these I have in my collection. Some I do not, but am always looking for them on eBay and toy shows.

MARX Toys M38A1 Stoney Smith Jeep

MARX Corporation issued a jeep similar to the Hasbro 5-Star Jeep although not as detailed. This debuted in the 1969 WARDS Christmas catalog and confused some into thinking it was a Hasbro GI Joe item due to the GI Joe layout that year. The picture showed a GI Joe sitting in the jeep. MARX actually made the jeep for its "Stony" Smith paratrooper figure, which was GI Joe's competitor.

My Aunt purchased this jeep for me. All my childhood joes and related equipment were because of her generous Christmas gifts. I don't remember the box depicted above...wish I had it now. I used to turn off all the lights and close the curtains to make the hallway outside my room very dark...then drive my 5-star jeep and Marx jeep down the hallway with the searchlights on...very cool.

Still, it is a neat piece and did come with a trailer and search light. The windshield folded up and down and had plastic fitted in the frame to simulate glass. There were also two non-functional windshield wipers. The hood was hinged and opened to reveal a storage area. The batteries for the searchlight were place directly into the back of the light so there were no wires leading from the hood area to the back of the jeep like the Hasbro model.

Hood Area

Unlike its Hasbro counterpart, no projectile gun came with this vehicle. A white star sticker graced the jeep hood. Over the years, the glue on this sticker has seemed so soak through to the outside making it appear dirty.

The storage area seen here was about the same size as the Hasbro jeep. Possibly a little more since the batteries to power the light were in the light itself and not under the hood.

Running Board

Here's a view of the side of the jeep. You can see the running board like step on the side. The driver and passenger side each have one of these.

The windshield is made of clear plastic and attached/glued to the frame.

The seats are molded and the gear shift is much smaller than Hasbros and does not move (since there was never any "Moto-Rev" sound on the Marx model).

Trailer & Searchlight

Here is a view of the trailer that came with the jeep. The searchlight is attached to a tripod via a metal ring.

The MARX light has a larger diameter than the Hasbro light. Batteries install directly into the light by removing the front glass and reflector. There's an off/on switch on the back of the light. I like this because there are no messy wires leading from the jeep to the rear of the jeep or trailer. I also like the method MARX chose to adjust the position of the light. There is a black knob on each side of the metal bracket holding the light. Simply position the light and tighten the knobs. Viola! The light stays in that position. One annoying thing about the Hasbro jeep is that after a while, the light moves up and down too easily and won't stay in the desired position.

Jeep Hitch & Wheel

The MARX jeep hitch for the trailer is very different than the Hasbro 5-Star jeep. It's much more realistic looking. This one is still intact and very functional.

The wheels all have distictive markings. Each one has "MARX" and "6.85 x 15" imprinted on the side. Like the Hasbro jeep, they also have the olive drab hub cap.

MARX & Hasbro Differences

You can see here that the hitch on the trailer is quite a bit different than that on the 5-Star jeep. The MARX jeep is actually a bit more realistic. I don't know how many MARX jeeps survived with the jeep and trailer hitches intact. I've seen many 5-Star jeeps over the years and seldon do those hitches survive in one piece.

The tripod legs are a bit different than Hasbro's. On the Hasbro jeep, the bottom of each tripod leg has a narrow peg which fits into corresponding holes in the jeep and trailer. The legs simply slide into the holes. The MARX tripod legs have a small locking barb which holds the jeep or trailer when slipped into the opening.


Here is one final look at the rear of the MARX trailer and light. The on/off switch is visible on the light.

Irwin Amphicat

This orange blow-molded plastic ATV was made by Irwin in the 1970s during the Adventure Team years. I remember getting this for Christmas after asking Santa for the yellow G.I. Joe Adventure Team ATV. This was just as good as far as I was concerned.
The Irwin vehicle is still in pretty much MINT condtion. The label is still intact and legible. Even the silver plastic steering wheel is still intact and unbroken. A pretty cool vehicle considering the quality.

The amphicat also came in a blow-molded yellow version.

Irwin ATV
Green Version

Irwin also produced a green version of the amphicat ATV like this shown here. You will see this one on eBay once in a while. It came with US Army and flag sticker markings.

Irwin Motorcycle & Sidecar
Green Version

Irwin produced two motorcycles with sidecars licensed by Hasbro. One was the brown colored vehicle that you see all the time (and which I own). The other was this green version that is a bit harder to find. I have seen these on eBay. I did pick one up in a collection, but it was in beat up condition and not worthy enough to keep.

Irwin Motorcycle & Sidecar
Brown Version

This is the brown version of the Irwin motorcycle. Like the green version, it also included the sidecar and machine gun. The handle bars, fender, motor, and hub caps were simulated chrome. I actually own this one, but it's not in as good shape as I would like. I played with it pretty heavily as a child.

Irwin Staff Car

This 1966 Irwin Staff Car was a blow molded vehicle, like many other Irwin vehicles. It was molded in a greyish tone similar to that of German Vehicles. It included a "roaring motor" sound. This was Irwin stock number 5652. The staff car is a hard vehicle to find and I have yet to pick one of these up. To find one with a box would be a major score.

GI Joe Amphibious Boat

This blow molded plastic amphibious boat was made for 12" action figures. To my knowledge, it was not licensed by Hasbro, but meant to capture some of that market. It was made by Harett-Gilmar, Inc. of Far Rockaway, N.Y. and was product number 894. It could either float on water or use 3 small wheels on the bottom of the hull to roll on the floor. I don't own one of these, but have seen it on eBay.

GI Joe Amphibious DUCK

Another blow molded plastic amphibious vehicle, this amphibious DUCK was made by Hasbro for 12" action figures and molded in an olive drab color. Not quite to scale, but it's still a cool vehicle. It came with a set of stickers to apply to the vehicle. These don't come up much on eBay, especially with the original box. I do not have this one yet.

GI Joe Jet Helicopter

This is the GI Joe helicopter licensed to Irwin (#5395). It was an olive drab colored, blow molded plastic vehicle designed to fit GI Joe. The original advertisement said to spin the rotor to hear the whirling blades. It came with peel and stick decals.

I searched many years for one of these before finding one in a local collection. They are not rare items, but not the easiest to find in a respectable condition.

Air Sea Rescue Helicopter

This is the yellow and blue blow molded plastic version of the GI Joe licensed helicopter. This version was not licensed by Hasbro for GI Joe, but did fit all 12" action figures. I've never seen this version other than on eBay.

It is the same as the Irwin olive drab version to the best of my knowledge. It came with peel and stick decals like the Joe version. Unlike the Hasbro licensed version, this one is hard to find. I do not own this version.

Panther Jet

The GI Joe Panther Jet was an officially licensed product by Hasbro in 1967. It fit all 12" figures, but was made for GI Joe. These are hard to come by and I've never really been able to get my hands on one.

MARX Atomic Long Range Cannon

This Marx #828 Atomic Long Range Cannon is extremely cool. I picked this up at an antique show for $15 and orginally thought it may have been made for Stoney Smith. After checking with Tom Heaton, author of "The Encyclopedia of Marx Action Figures," Tom informed me that it actually predates the Marx Stoney Smith line of action figures. It actually fires the three shells that came included with the cannon through the use of a spring loading device in the barrel similar to the Hasbro canon in their jeep. It's in excellent condition.

I later found another canon in the box on ebay for a reasonable price. This one had the three white plastic shells, but was missing the metal warhead piece that fit into the top of each shell. Still, the box was worth the price.

AT Big Trapper

This cool vehicle is vintage G.I. Joe Adventure Team. The Big Trapper was actually a modified mobile support vehicle (also in my collection). I found this vehicle at a lawn sale in 1997 for $5. The only things missing are the gun and parts of the cage. All the cardboard inserts are included.

AT Mobile Support Vehicle

The mobile support vehicle was a very neat playset. The front driver portion of the vehicle detached from the trailer unit for GI Joe to use for exploration. It contained a clear plastic top and room for two figures. It connected to the trailer by way of a small plastic clip.

The trailer was outfitted with a satellite launcher that launched a small black satellite flyer. There was a real working searchlight and revolving radar dish.

The inside of the trailer included a slide out control center with maps. There were also 2 equipment storage trays on the right side of the trailer. GI Joe had a chair to sit in while conducting operations.

AT Helicopter

The Adventure Team helicopter was a cool vehicle. It was fairly easy to assemble and fit GI Joe perfectly. By pushing the black button, the rotor blades would rotate pretty fast. The working winch was perfect for retrieving the stolen idol or other objects. My aunt bought me the first of these in the 1970s. I found another one at a toy show for $15 - a great deal.

"Iron Knight" Tank

The Iron Knight tank is from Hasbro's Defender series. Not quite to scale, but still a pretty cool vehicle. I haven't picket one of these up for my own collection yet.

AT Desert Adventure Jeep

This is the tan desert jeep from the Adventure Team Desert Patrol Adventure. It came with a bunch of equipment. The jeep had the tan wheel covers with an AT sticker on the hood and "GI Joe Adventure Team Vehicle" decal on the tailgate. I finally acquired one of these as part of a collection I purchased. as yet.

Ultimate Soldier - M998 Cargo Troop Carrier

This is the desert tan version of 21st Century's M988. It's not exactly 1/6 scale, but close enough. I have mine (as you can see) packed with desert troops. The uniforms are classic collection marine recon, Hall of Fame desert infantry, Ultimate Soldier desert infantry, and Hall of Fame Duke.

Ultimate Soldier German Schwimmwagen

This is a spectacular vehicle. I've waited a very long time for a WWII German vehicle. 21st Century has made a really nice piece in their Schwimmwagen. Great detail. It will look great with German infantry riding along. You can't beat the price point - $29.99. I would have paid more, but am glad I didn't have to.

Indian Motorcycle

New Ray Toys Company out of Los Angeles issued this Indian motorcycle in WWII style paint scheme in 1999. It's spectacular quality for $19.99. Great detailing inlcudes a leather saddle bag, rubber tires, realistic looking headlights and tail light. Perfectly scaled for 12" figures. This was issued in black, sand, olive drab, and grass green.

M8 Armored Personnel Carrier

This M8 armored personnel carrier by Hasbro was issued in 2001 and came with two figures for a retail price of $79.99. It's an interesting item and included a walkie talkie, vehicle tools, moveable turret, and opening and closing doors. The figures came with some accessories, however, the helmets were of very poor quality.

21st Century MB Officer's Vehicle

This MB Officer Vehicle (aka jeep) is a beautiful hardtop jeep by 21st Century's Ultimate Soldier line. The detail is fantastic. The jeep was issued in 2002 and came with a driver and Captain. Jeep includes cloth seats, fold down rear bench, radio, accessories for the figures, 3-star flag, gas can, tools, and more. Ultimate Soldier also made a 3-star General to go with the vehicle. The original retail price for the jeep and figures was $99.99.

SOTW Shore Patrol Jeep

This GI Joe Talking Action Sailor shore patrol figure and a Marine respond to action in this Soldiers of the World grey shore patrol jeep. This is SOTW's standard jeep in Navy grey color with shore patrol markings and a grey cloth cover.

© Copyright 2004 21st Century


The WWII MB jeep came with 2 12" figures - 3-Star General George S. Patton and a Major driver. The figures were very nice with helmet and collar insignia markings. The jeep had an original price of over $100, but I found this one in an out of the way Wal-Mart in Ohio for $40.

The jeep has many nice details - complete detailed engine under the engine hood (which of course opens and closes); nice shovel and axe; weathered look; nice cloth hood that raises and lowers; doors which open and close; dash board details; .50 caliber machine gun & mount; ammo box w/ammo; and radio.

© Copyright 2002 HASBRO, Inc.

Hasbro Desert Jeeps

The 2002 Hasbro desert jeep came in two different versions - The general release version (top left) included a British driver figure (rehashed Hasbro Brit) and was available everywhere for a hefty $59.99 price point.

The second version was a Target store exclusive and did not include the figure. It retailed for approximately $39.99. Both boxes were identical except that the Target version had stickers applied over all box contents that described the figure. Target must have purchased a ton of these and hopefully at a low distributor price. No one bought these and they sat on the shelf through Christmas until the price fell to around $27.99. This was followed by a huge after Christmas clearance price of $8.48.

© Copyright 2002 HASBRO, Inc.

Hasbro Willy's Jeeps

The 2002 Hasbro Willy's jeep (Foxtrot assortment) came in two different versions - The general release version (left) included the jeep with steerable front wheels, a .30 caliber machine gun, gas can, spare tire, axe, shovel, fold down windshield, and one ammo belt. It was nicely weathered looking like it had experience some muddy roads. The vehicle was available in all retail market chains.

© Copyright 2002 Wright.

A second version of the Hasbro Willy's jeep hit store shelves before Christmas 2002. This one was a KMart store exclusive and included everything listed above plus an exclusive WWII infantry soldier dressed in a uniform only available in this set. The uniform was similar to the Audie Murphy figure, but had more of a greenish tint and slightly wider grain to the fabric. The helmets were the same 3rd Infantry Division helmet. The lowest regular price for this vehicle hit $29.99, but the actual retail price was anywhere from $39.99 to $49.99 depending upon the time of year and store variability. KMart is not known for standard pricing.

© Copyright 2003 HASBRO, Inc.

The 2003 Hasbro Willy's jeep was the third release of the same basic Willy's jeep from the previous year, but with a projectile gun instead of the machine gun. It did not include the "muddy" look, but did include a figure like the KMart jeep did. This was reminiscent of the 1965 Hasbro 7000 jeep in that it too had a projectile gun. It sold for a hefty $59.99 to $69.99 price depending upon where and when purchased.

© Copyright 2003 Mark Wright.

The 2nd KMart exclusive and fourth Hasbro Willy's jeep release was this 2003 release of the US Navy jeep with a .30 caliber machine gun mounted on a pedestal, spare tire, shovel, axe, and gas can. This time the jeep was painted in Navy battleship gray with blue seats. Like the 1st KMart exclusive, this one also included an exclusive figure - Navy Shore Patrol - with white sailor top, white bell bottom trousers, black tie, white dickie, white SP helmet, tan plastic web belt, black arm band with SP markings, tall black boots with tan molded leggings, and US Navy and GI Joe dog tags. The figure was a standard classic collection type with Gung-Ho grip. The set also included a radio set identical to the Diamond Head Pearl Harbor figure except that this one did not have a button activated sound chip and was molded in a dark olive drab color. Another curious item was a metal ammo box similar to previous Timeless Collection pieces. This one, however, was painted in a light olive drab and had no GI Joe markings. It sold for a hefty $43.99, but was clearance after Christmas to at least $34.00.

© Copyright 2004 HASBRO, Inc.

Hasbro Willys Jeep w/Cloth Cover

Hasbro introduced this fifth version of a Willys jeep in 2004. This version included a retractable cloth canopy. It also featured a realistic looking engine under a hood, which opened and closed. Like similar vehicles, this one also included a driver - a super articulated figure with Gung-Ho grip hands and unique tan trousers w/2 cargo pockets. The jeep also featured turning wheels, tan seats, removable gas can, shovel, axe, fold down windshield, and dash mounted rifle scabbard w/M1 Garand rifle.

The availability of this vehicle was somewhat limited during 2004. I only saw it at Toys R Us with a high price tag of $79.99. I never picked it up until I stumbled upon it at a KB Toys store for $49.99.

© Copyright 2004 HASBRO, Inc.

© Copyright 2003 HASBRO, Inc.

Hasbro Humvee

The 2003 Hasbro included a driver. This figure was one of the basic carded figures with the molded colored T-shirt. The Humvee was sold at all toy retail markets. Retail price was a whopping $99.99, but went as low as $49.99 during sales at Target.

© Copyright 2003 HASBRO, Inc.

Hasbro M8 Version 2

Hasbro introduced a second M8 vehicle in 2003. This one also included a driver, but was given the winter weather look very similar to the Korean Howitzer. The vehicle included all the same features as the first release and was sold in Toys R Us stores.

© Copyright 2000 HASBRO, Inc.

Hasbro US Army Motor MP

Hasbro continued it's Harley Davidson motorcycle line in 2000 with this US Army Motor MP featuring a nice Military Police motorcycle and rider. The motorcycle featured a movable gearshift lever, springer seat, active springer front end, working kickstand, working rear stand, left and right saddlebags, leg guards, windshield, and a black display base. The figure featured a standard classic collection body with a light green jacket, olive drab trousers, scarf, removable MP armband, .45 caliber pistol, web belt, boots with molded leggings, whistle, MP helmet with 1st division insignia, and dog tags. carded figures with the molded colored T-shirt. The Humvee was sold at all toy retail markets. Retail price was a whopping $99.99, but went as low as $49.99 during sales at Target.

© Copyright ? HASBRO, Inc.

Hasbro Electra Glide Police Motorcycle

Hasbro's Harley Davidson motorcycle release for 200? was this Electra Glide featuring the Metropolitan Police markings. The bike featured working center and side stands, working steering column, siren, detailed gauges, footboards, engine guards, saddlebags, emergency lights and radar guns. It also included an exclusive G.I. JOE police officer action figure with shirt, breeches, high-top boots, motorcycle helmet, sunglasses, necktie, dog tags, duty belt, handgun and radio communications.

© Copyright 2000 HASBRO, Inc.

Hasbro Desert Light Stike Vehicle

The Hasbro Desert Light Strike Vehicle issued in 2000 was black in color with speckles of tan to simulate desert dust and grime. This Chenowth Fast Attack vehicle included a gunner station, M-2 .50 caliber machine gun, M-60 machine gun, two firing AT-4 launchers, two AT-4 missiles, 2 ammo belts, and an exclusive GI Joe figure wearing desert camouflague uniform, black helmet, goggles, belt with .45 caliber pistol and holster, boots, and dog tag. The figure was only available in this set and through the GI Joe Collector's Club. It was special in that the face was weathered with dirt and grime except for the area where the goggles fit on the face. Pretty cool. This was available in retail stores such as Toys R Us and some on-line sites. Retail price was $99.99, but I got my two for $15 each from an online toy retailer who was going out of business.

© Copyright 2003 HASBRO, Inc.

Hasbro Desert Stike Vehicle Version 2

The Hasbro Desert Strike Vehicle was reissued in a new color scheme. This color was a desert camouflage pattern. The pieces were nearly identical. The release included a spare tire. It still included a driver (the same figure from the previous edition. It sold for $99.99 and could be found in Toys R Us.

© Copyright 2001 HASBRO, Inc.

Navy Gunner w/Twin Anti-Aircraft Gun

In 2000, Hasbro introduced this cool Navy Gunner with a twin mount anti-aircraft gun. The figure, included, was a cool Navy Gunner wearing a life vest, blue denim trousers, and short black boots. The piece was available with both a green helmet and a light blue Navy attack helmet. It featured a moving mechanized twin gun, elevated sight, training site and seat, trainer's handwheel, two 40MM ammunition clips, pointer's seat, pointer's handwheel, and firing pedals. It was available in several retail markets suchs as KMart, Toys R Us and Target. The price was $49.99 unless you picked one up for $15.99 at KMart.

© Copyright 2003 HASBRO, Inc.

Hasbro 37mm Anti-Tank Gun

The Hasbro 37MM Canon was issued in 2003. It included two shells and an ammo box. Unlike the Howitzer, there was no way to change the elevation of the canon despite the two moving crank handles. The gun featured and opening and closing breech.

© Copyright 2002 HASBRO, Inc.

Hasbro 155-mm Howitzer Canons

Hasbro produced two Howitzers within a short time of one another. Both of these were exclusive Toys R Us pieces. The first shown (top left), released in 2000, was lightly "weathered." It had a hand activated recoiling action. The canon elevated and swivelled left and right. It also featured a nice working breech so one could load the projectile included with the canon. Also included was a tow hitch, blast cap, and stabilizer. Hasbro also produced a Howitzer Captain figure, also sold through Toys R Us as an exclusive, for use with the canon.

The second Howitzer (bottom left) release was dubbed the "Korean Howitzer" and was basically the same vehicle, but decorated in the Korean War theme. It included Korean War era markings and even had the "snow" touch weathering to give it that freezing cold Korean winter look. I had the same play features as the first release.

© Copyright 2002 HASBRO, Inc.

© Copyright 2002 HASBRO, Inc.

Army Ranger Attack Cycle

Hasbro produced this Army Ranger Attack Cycle in 2002. No figure was included, but there was an amusing paper cutout rider dispayed in the box with the cycle. This was part of the Army Rangers Collection. The cycle was sold in multiple retail outlets. Retail price was $19.99, but I picked this one up for $9.99 at a Tuesday Morning store.

© Copyright 2003 HASBRO, Inc.

Hasbro Spy Troops 2003

The 2003 Hasbro Spy Troops vehicles - GI Joe vs Cobra. These were pretty cool and sold for a reasonable $12.99 price point. Included are the GI Joe Desert Buggy (top) and the Mobile Assault Vehicle (bottom).

With the right kitbashing and renovation, the dune buggy would make a great Adventure Team vehicle.

© Copyright 2003 HASBRO, Inc.

© Copyright 2003 HASBRO, Inc.

AFV Armored Fighting Vehicle

This armored fighting vehicle barely fit one figure and looked a bit weird because it was so out of scale. Then again, it was supposed to be a one-man battle station for the GI JOE team. It included a missile-firing launcher and enclosed command cockpit. The gun turret raised and lowered and the elevating missile alauncher ctually fired those little plastic projectiles found in so many Hasbro Joe products. This was product number 81895.

© Copyright 2003 HASBRO, Inc.

Dusty Mountain Recon

Dusty from the GI Joe vs. Cobra line came with this somewhat cool mountain bike.

© Copyright 2006 Wright

Special Forces Military Motorcyle

This olive drab colored motorcycle includes 2 leather saddle bags, silver motor, and clear plastic windshield. It is distributed by Polyfect Toys Co., LTD, Kowloon, Hong Kong, China.

Jungle Stalker

This Hasbro jeep was a re-hashed Hall of Fame Rhino. The box had some great graphics.

Ultimate Soldier Gray Kettenkrad

Ultimate Soldier (21st Century Toys) made this WWII German gray kettenkrad. The front wheel turned and it had a bench seat on the back that could fit two soldiers. The bench also opened for storage. I have one of these and found the tan version in a thrift store.

Ultimate Soldier Tan Kettenkrad w/Trailer

Ultimate Soldier (21st Century Toys) made this WWII German kettenkrad and trailer in the Afrika Corps theme. This set also came with two German figures. I never picked this one up, but did find the kettenkrad loose with some missing pieces in a thrift store for $6.

Adventure Team River Boat

This is an actual Hasbro boat that has a 2002 Hasbro copyright on the bottom. I'm not sure if this belonged to Action Man or not, but do not remember any GI Joe set that included it. I purchased the boat at a thrift store for $1.41. I added the Adventure Team graphics and AT symbol. The boat came with a missile launcher attached to the motor (which is not motorized). I added a rope catapult to the missile launcher. I also mounted a first aid kit to the rear. This will become part of my new GI Joe Adventure Team River Adventurer.


Glow-In-The-Dark Capsule

This is the glow-in-the-dark interior version of the Action Pilot Mercury Space Capsule. It's identical to the blue version. However, hold it under the light for a few minutes, turn off the lights and viola! Pretty neat. Growing up in a small town in upstate New York meant that there was not much G.I. merchandise on the store shelves. Most of my Joe items came from the Sears Christmas catalog or from an uncle who visited from time to time from Syracuse. I don't know if this version of the capsule was a Sears exclusive or not, but that's where it came from.

Vintage Space Capsule Markings

The vintage capsules have these markings on the nose of the vehicle - large logo: "G.I. Joe� by Hasbro�" and "�1966 BY HASBRO� PATENT PENDING".

Capsule-Blue Interior

Here's the other version of the GI Joe space capsule. It is also the more familiar version, with a blue interior. The capsule pictured here is MINT. Many times the two handles in these capsules are broken or repaired. I purchased this one as part of a collection.

Capsule-Timeless Collection

This space capsule was part of the G.I. Joe Timeless Collection for 1998. In particular, this was the Toys R Us exclusive called "Mission: Splashdown". A bit expensive, but still a nice set. The capsule is NOT as nice as the original vintage version. The mold doesn't seem to have produced very sharp details or very crisp edges.

The copyright information on the nose has the a smaller GI JOE logo w/helmet and "� HASBRO". It appears Hasbro eliminated the broken handle problem by making them short little stubs. The good news is that it's very easy to tell a vintage capsule from a new one.

FAO Friendship 7 Capsule

The 2000 Timeless Collection Friendship 7 space capsule and astronaut was an exclusive from FAO. This capsule included a figure, although not John Glenn as the name may suggest, and was available in both Caucasion and AA versions. The capsule was made in the more accurate black color with some nice re-entry "weathering" effects. The only accessory was the mobile air conditioning unit. Like the Toys R Us Mission Splashdown capsule, the long handles were left off this version as well - a good idea since these always broke off the vintage versions.

The copyright information on the nose has the a smaller GI JOE logo w/helmet and "� HASBRO" as did the 1999 Mission: Splashdown capsule.

The inside of the space capsule is shown here. Unlike the vitage capsules and mission splashdown capsules, the Friendship 7 did not feature a sliding window. This one had a more prototypical looking door with a small round and rectangular window.

The figure included with this set had a very nice space suit with soft rubber-like boots (nice detail).



This MARX footlocker (item #2042) was constructed of cardboard for use with Stoney Smith and Buddy Charles. It had the traditional brass snap enclosure and black plastic handles instead of the rope handles typical of Hasbro's GI Joe footlockers. The footlocker also did not have an equipment tray or illustrated insert like Hasbro. The knockoff contents included 37 pieces of olive drab colored equipment. Items such as the machine gun, M-1 rifle, burp gun, carbine, 45 Colt, bayonet and knife for fighting, walkie talkie, canteen, binoculars, field pack, mess kit, helmet and more. These were similar to Hasbro's accessories except in quality and detail. Sears and Montgomery Ward sold this in their Christmas catalogs for around $2.29 depending on the year. I have two of these, one of which was given to me by my Aunt when I was a kid.


This MARX footlocker was constructed of metal for Stoney Smith and Buddy Charlie. It came in 2 different colors - a dark green and an olive drab green. These were marketed for GI Joe, Stoney Smith and all other 12" action figures. I have seen these on line and at toy shows, but I never purchased one.

Hall of Fame Footlocker

Hasbro issued this footlocker, the first one since the original vintage wooden footlocker, in the late 1990s. It came in a multitude of different packaging, but the original version was for the GI Joe Hall of Fame series of figures. It orginally came with this Hall of Fame wrapper and included basic Hall of Fame gear.

Although the packaging of the Hall of Fame footlocker changed over the few years of its existance, the basics of the footlocker remained unchanged. The hinges were simple plastic and all versions included the same black tray for storing gear. Unlike the original vintage footlocker, the tray did not include specific compartments for individual gear. The lid was closed using a simple plastic catch. Like the vintage model, it also included rope handles. Also like the original footlocker, the Hall of Fame version included a sticker for the name, rank, and serial number as well as the new sticker of the original GI Joe logo in the top left.

Later versions of the Hall of Fame footlocker were different in packaging only. This one shows a later wrapper that depicts the follow on figures to Hall of Fame - Classic Collection and others. As time went on, this footlocker was used to package store exclusives. KMart sold several store exclusives using this footlocker, a specific figure, and specialized gear.

Hasbro Vintage Footlocker

The vintage GI Joe wooden footlocker came in an authentic looking olive drab color. Markings on the front included the GI Joe logo in the upper left and a field which allowed the owner to write his/her name, rank, and serial number. So many kids became generals. The footlocker included a brass clasp on the front to secure the lid, two brass hinges in the rear, and an olive drab colored rope handle on each end to carry it.

Inside the footlocker was a thin plastic tray. The tray came in differnt color shades and versions depending on when the footlocker was produced. The earlier tray included a nice wood grain look. Inside the lid was a color insert glued to the wood (over the years the glue sometimes ended up bleeding through the paper). The insert showed how to arrange all the gear that the footlocker held - helmet, boots, hat, rifle, web belt, etc.

The following miscellaneous collectibles include many different Hasbro licensed and other GI collectibles - games, children's toys, puzzles. Some of these I have in my collection. Some I do not, but am always looking

Carry Case Sentry Post

This was a SEARS exclusive that originally sold for $2.49 (according to a Sears Christmas catalog). IDEAL toys made this item beginning in 1967. Made from sturdy vinyl, it was specifically tailored for the G.I. Joe market although not licensed by Hasbro. It's quite a neat item.

The case holds two figures and equipment and opens to display a military sentry post with crossing gate. The artwork on this item is just great. Today, you can find this item at flea markets, toy shows, antique stores, garage sales, and eBay type auction pages. Cost is anywhere between $5 to $30 depending upon the condition.

Combat Man's Equipment Case

This collectors case for 12" figures was manufactured by Standard Plastic Products Incorporated and came with the picture of a jeep. It was 16" long, 10" high, and 4" wide and stored a figure and accessories. When the case was closed, you could see your figure through the window. Inside, there are compartments for combat uniforms, combat gear, guns, and field equipment. Today's prices should be about the same as the Ideal sentry post although I purchased one on ebay for $2.25.

Here is a look at the inside of the case. It has a seat to put an action figure and a compartment for accessories.

Action Figure Case

This case was manufactured and designed by Travel Toy Div of Prepac Inc. NYC. It was marketed for "Action Figures, G.I Joe, Big Jim, Action Jackson, Lone Ranger (although it spells this as Long Ranger), Etc." It is made with a green vinyl covering and measures 12" x 9" x 2 1/2". The inside is divided into 2 compartments, one approximately one third of the width and the other measuring two thirds of the width. It closes using the standard twisting brass closure.

G.I. Joe Games
G.I. Joe Paratrooper Game

This board game was produced by Hasbro. The game is in excellent condition and includes all the original pieces - spinner, 24 game pieces in the original plastic bag (opened), game board, 30 jump cards, and box inserts. The player with the most jump cards at the end of the game is the winner.

G.I. Joe Let's Go Joe Game

This board game was also produced by Hasbro. I have yet to acquire this one, but see it from time to time on ebay.

G.I. Joe Combat Infantry Board Game

This combat infantry board game was produced by Hasbro. I have yet to acquire this one, but see it sometimes on ebay.

G.I. Joe Navy Frogman Board Game

This navy frogman board game was produced by Hasbro. I have yet to acquire this one, but see it sometimes on ebay.

G.I. Joe Capture Hill 79 Board Game

This game was made by Hasbro in 1966. It is Hasbro product number 7979 and I have yet to find one for a reasonable price.

G.I. Joe Card Game

This is a neat litte card game licensed to Whitman Publishing by Hassenfeld Brothers (aka Hasbro) in 1965. The game consists of 4 suits, one for each action figure - action soldier, action sailor, action marine, and action pilot. It also contained a rule card all contained in a clear plastic box. I see these a lot, but never really got around to picking a set up.

G.I. Joe Toys
G.I. Joe Walkie-Talkies

These G.I. Joe walkie talkies were made by Gabriel. I've seen these a few times on ebay. I have yet to acquire these for my collection.

Gilbert G.I. Joe Combat Watch

The A.C. Gilbert Company produced this wind-up G.I. Joe character/novelty combat watch in 1965. The case is made of a dark green Cycolac/plastic. The front has a raised golden eagle and the words G.I. Joe with the GI Joe logo head. The right of the watch case has a 24 hour dial watch face with a red sweep second hand. The dial is marked GILBERT SWISS MADE. To the left of the eagle is a hidden compartment. When gently pushed down on the top part, a compass and site is revealed. The back of case is marked GILBERT CASE SWISS MADE CYCOLAC. I don't see these very often. A few people have offered theirs to me, but I have never really found one at a price I considered fair.

Halco Halloween Costumes

Halco made GI Joe Halloween costumes in the mid 1960s. These come up on ebay once in a while, but vary in condition. Nice ones sell a little higher than I have been willing to pay in the past. The astronaut is kind of cool. So far, I have not picked up any of the costumes.

GI Joe Medic Bag

This is a pretty cool olive drab colored medical bag. It was made of vinyl and had a brass clasp closure. It came with a multitude of medical accessories including black and white stethoscope, microscope, 8 cure-aid band aids, 2 clear plastic syringes with black plungers, thermometer, white otoscope, red tweezers, white plastic scalpal, white scissors, 2 large whtie containers with red lids, and one smaller black container with white lid. Once in a great while one of these will pop up on ebay in various conditions.

I found one of these on ebay, but without all the accessories. You can expect to pay anywhere between $25-$50 depending upon condition and whether or not it comes with the accessories.

GI Joe Combat Medic Bag

This is the GI Joe combat medic bag. This was actually made by Hasbro under a Canadian license. I found one of these on ebay and it has the markings on the bottom. Specifically, it mentions Montreal, Canada. The one I purchased had nothing inside. However, Hasbro also sold a sligtly smaller version of this bag, again licensed to Montreal, Canada. The smaller bag had the same angular shape, but slightly different graphics. Inside, it had all the standard medic supplies - stethoscope, microscope, bottles, etc.

GI Joe Combat Nurse Kit

This is the GI Joe combat nurse kit (Hasbro item #1731). The kit included a white stethoscope, glass plasma bottle, glass serum bottle, glass candy medicine bottle, red tweezers, red instrument sterilizer, a bandage box full of combat cloth bandages, white glasses, white and red microscope (marked Hasbro), and thermometer in plastic container. I have yet to find this item anywhere.

GI Joe Combat Medic Doctor Kit

This is similar to the GI Joe combat nurse kit, which I do not own. The GI Joe Combat Medic Doctor's kit includes several accessories including a microscope, white plastic eye glasses, and black and red stethoscope. I bought this item on ebay.

Here is another look at the GI Joe Combat Medic Doctor's kit in its original packaging.

GI Joe Combat Shaver Kit

This is a pretty cool item for kids. Hassenfeld Bros. (aka Hasbro) produced this sometime in the 1960s. What's interesting is that the grooming hints paperwork dates back to a 1959 copyright, but the GI Joe script on the case is clearly a product of the 1960s. I'm guessing the paperwork was made earlier for other items and then included with this product as well. The olive drab colored vinyl case uses a brass twist closure. Included is a little red toy shaver (marked Hasbro) with a white rotating "blade" that makes an electric shaver type noise when it rotates. Also includes a small plastic bottle of pre-shave, after shave, toilet soap, and talcum powder. All items have the Hasbro toy logo. I found this item on ebay.

Seen below are two mint versions of the combat shaver kit.

GI Joe Shoe Shine Kit

This is an interesting item produced by Hasbro for those up and coming shoe shiners. Hasbro item #1407, Official Shoe Shine Kit for G.I. inspection. Shown here is a close-up of the red blown plastic foot stand which allowed for storage inside.

Shown here is a MINT in the package shrink wrapped kit that I acquired from another collector. The kit included the rugged red foot stand, can of shoe polish, dauber, shoe brush, and polishing cloth. This 1966 product had an original price of $2.00, but was marked down to $1.79 according to the price sticker.

G.I. Joe Electric Drawing Set

This is the GI Joe drawing kit. I purchased one of these from a collector. The set includes the tracing light tray as well as a series of tracing templates. The tracing tray takes a standard low wattage light bulb. The whole thing is really kind of neat. Most of the time you find these missing something.

G.I. Joe Adventure Team Radio

This is a 1:1 scale transistor radio made in 1975 for children. It was made under Hasbro license by Illco (made in Hong Kong). It contained a transistor radio, Morse code sender, microphone, and headphones. I have never seen one of these except on ebay. This one still eludes me.

G.I. Joe Adventure Team Radio

These 1:1 scale Adventure Team walkie talkies were made sometime in the 1970s. I've seen them on ebay from time to time, but do not personally own a pair.

G.I. Joe Activity Box

This GI Joe Activity Box contains several punchout activity pieces such as soldiers and other battlefield items to use with a battlefield playmat. The playmat can be colored. Like many of the licensed coloring books, this item was also licensed by Hasbro to Whitman Publishing and Lithographing Company. The one I own is in okay condition. These boxes tended to get crushed a bit.

G.I. Joe Rub-Ons

This 1964 GI Joe Hasbro toy is called Deluxe Rub-Ons Magic Picture Transfers. One simply puts the transfer on the outline drawing and rubs the transfer to create the color picture. The set came with 6 drawings, 6 transfer sheets, a tongue depressor for rubbing, and a small instruction sheet.

G.I. Joe Book Bag

I found one of these at a collectibles show. I have seen a few of these on ebay. The condition is usually not that great. The heavy khaki canvas bag is lined with a green netting type material and appears to have a heavy waterproof liner . It is piped in vinyl and has three different full size compartments for storage. A fourth pocket is located on the side. The bag expands and has chromed steel hooks and buckles with leather like plastic straps. If you find one, congratulations. If it's in pristine are my hero.

G.I. Joe Pistol Pencil Case

This pencil case was manufactured by the Empire Pencil Company and produced in the shape of a pistol. It included 3 pencils, 5 pencil crayons, and 1 eraser. I have only seen one of these and it was on ebay. This one still eludes me.

G.I. Joe 3-Ring Notebook

This 3-ring notebook was manufactured by Empire Pencil Co. of Shelbyville, Tennessee under license from Hasbro. It measured 10"x11" and was perfect for school children. It was made of olive green vinyl with a clear plastic cover and very cool artwork depicting GI Joe as a combat Soldier. I don't know if other similar binders were made in the sailor, marine, and pilot themes. I have only seen this on eBay.

G.I. Joe Bagatelle Gun Game

This item only shows up once in a while on ebay. This Hasbro item (item #2502) was a game of skill...shoot the white marbles into the slots and sections with the highest point scores to win the game. I was lucky enough to find a nice one on ebay with the original box in great condition, original paper work, etc.

I found this one on Ebay.

G.I. Joe Blinker Code Lite Set

This item shows up once in a while on ebay, but I've never found a a full set. Most of these blinker lights can be found as single items without the packaging. This Hasbro toy was item #5184X400. So far, I have not added one of these to my collection. Usually the condition or the completeness has not matched the right price point for me on ebay. This item still eludes me.

G.I. Joe Blinker Code Lite Set

This is another version of the blinker set also made by Hasbro. I'm not sure when this was made. I'm guessing that Hasbro reissued this set in the box above once the GI Joe line came out although unlike the other set, this one is not marked GI Joe. However, it's the same item. I do own this item.

G.I. Joe Children's Flare Gun Flashlight

The Hasbro GI Joe Backyard Patrol Flare Gun Flashlight (#4226). You see these once in a while on eBay. I found mine at an antique and collectibles show. A secret compartment in the handle holds 3 different colored lenses and Morse code. Operates on 2 "C" batteries. Produced in 1965 by Hassenfeld Brothers, Inc. according to the backer card. The instructions are copyright 1966.

G.I. Joe Children's Gun Belt & Holster

I found this on ebay for the reasonable price of $3.00. This belt and leather holster originally came with a pistol and a knife and scabbard. The knife blade was silver in color with a brown handle. Both the holster and knife scabbard had the GI Joe log on them. The leather is an olive drab color and the belt contains a metal buckle with an embossed eagle.

G.I. Joe Children's Knife Scabbard

I have not yet acquire this knife scabbard that goes with the belt above. The knife that goes with this scabbard is silver in color with a brown handle. The leather scabbard has the GI Joe log and is an olive drab color.

G.I. Joe Children's Boots

Hasbro Item #4230: These Official Backyard Patrol Combat Boots were tall brown plastic boots made for children and are the spitting image of the 1:6 scale GI Joe tall brown boots - right down to the ridge on the bottom of the boot. They measure 9 3'4" high x 9 1'2" long x 4" across the sole. The GI JOE logo is on the upper outside of the boot. They included a tightening strap. They were made to be worn over the shoe for kid's sizes up to size 13. For larger sizes, they could be worn without shoes. You can find these on ebay from time to time.

Seen here is a look at these children's boots in their original backyard patrol packaging from 1964. The original price tag states $2.00. It was then marked down to 99 cents. I was lucky enough to find a nice collector who was looking at selling this item.

G.I. Joe Children's Mae West Vest

Another of the made for children items is this Hasbro Mae West vest.

G.I. Joe Backyard Patrol Walkie Talkie

This GI Joe walkie talkie set of the backyard partol series is a non-functioning blow molded plastic toy set. This was made by Hasbro and sold on a backer card with a child depicted in a helmet talking on one of the walkie talkies. It also included a string (the old dixie cup trick) to connect the two together and hear the person on the other end. The small antenna on each was non-functional and is often broken. I have one set with broken antenna and not string and another set that is complete.

G.I. Joe Backyard Patrol .45 Pistol & Holster

I found this gun and holster set on eBay for a couple of bucks. The .45 caliber pistol is a plastic blow molded type toy joined in two pieces and is marked with the GI Joe logo. It has nothing functional. The black holster is also marked with the GI Joe logo and has slots for a web belt. It also has a hole at the bottom of the holster for a leg tie. Also included in the set was the web belt shown a bit below. This set was sold on a backyard patrol backer card

G.I. Joe Backyard Patrol Web Belt

This GI Joe web belt was made by Hasbro and was sold as part of the GI Joe Backyard Patrol .45 Pistol & Holster set (see above). It includes a storage pouch.

G.I. Joe Backyard Patrol Helmet

This GI Joe helmet is so cool. It's one of the child sized items that can be fairly hard to find. I've only seen a few of these on eBay. I picked one up as part of a small GI Joe collection. The helmet is made of plastic, has the GI Joe logo on the front and includes camouflage leaves all around it. A black elastic chin strap rounds it out. The Hasbro marking is on the inside.

The Enemy Target Game

This target game was made by Hasbro in 1966. It is item number 5118. It included the target, spring loaded pistol, and three suction cup darts. I have not found one yet.

GI Joe Waterproof Poncho

This is another GI Joe Backyard Patrol item - the waterproof poncho and hood. This 1:1 scale items was made for children.

Cloth Lunch Bag

Hasbro licensed this metal lunchbox manufactured in 1967 by King Seeley Thermos Co. It includes a matching thermos. All 4 versions of Hasbro's figure line are depicted - Action Sailor, Soldier, Marine, and Pilot.

Cloth Lunch Bag

This cloth lunch bag/box is made from a similar canvas as the child's book bag shown in this section. I have seen this on ebay, but never bought one.

Mess Kit and Canteen

This GI Joe Backyard Patrol kit was made by Hasbro children. The mess opened up and included the knife, fork, and spoon. The canteen included a removable cap.

Mess Kit and Canteen

Here is a close-up look at the kid size canteen and mess kit. Very neat items. I picked up the canteen as part of a small collection, but have not yet found the mess kit for a reasonable price.

GI Joe Field Phone

This child sized field telephone included a black telephone set and strap. The two telephones were connected with a wire. Like many of these child sized toys, the item was covered with an olive drab colored vinyl.

GI Joe Life Raft

Hasbro produced this 36 inch, inflatable floating child sized liferaft in 1965. This orange raft came with a yellow plastic oar marked with a molded GI Joe logo.

Child Sized Entrenching Tool

This child sized entrenching tool is along the same line as the canteen and mess kit. It has similar Hasbro markings. I would love to get one. Also shown here is a comparison to the MARX toys version.

Large Inflatable Space Capsule

This is an interesting item. This is reported to have been a store display that hung over the GI Joe aisle. It measured 34 inches tall and was made from a thick rubber plastic. It was inflatable and had clear plastic windows to see inside, but no opening to play inside. I would love to find one of these, but have only seen 2 on eBay in the past.

G.I. Joe Submarine
G.I. Life Raft

Hasbro manufactured this inflatale submarine under the GI Joe label. It was 41" in length. This was a child sized item. It had see through sides so you could see the crew and inner workings. There was a sand ballast on the inside of the base to keep it upright. I've seen this a few times on eBay, but never in person. It would be a nice item to get a hold of, but I have yet to acquire one.

Hasbro manufactured this inflatale life raft under the GI Joe label. It was orange in color and 36" in length. The raft included an oar. This was a child sized item. I do not have one of these.

Borden's Mail-Away Offer

In 1964, Borden's presented this mail-away offer on the back of its Dutch instant chocolate drink mix. For the small sum of $2.50, you could have a painted hair GI Joe. You could order one or more figure and you had your choice of soldier, sailor, marine, or pilot.
I have never seen this item other than once on eBay. Would love to find one of these, but I imagine, being a food item, that most were thrown away once consumed.

Whitman G.I. Joe Puzzles

Whitman made a series of GI Joe puzzles licensed by Hasbro in 1965. This action sailor puzzle contained 150 pieces and sold for a whopping 59 cents. I have some of these.

G.I. Joe Punchout Book

This G.I. Joe punchout book was manufactured by Whitman under license from Hasbro in 1965. It featured 7 pages of punch-outs including action soldier, sailor, marine, and pilot. Sometimes you can find these where the punchouts are still mint on the cards.

G.I. Joe Coloring Book

This 128-page G.I. Joe coloring book (left) was manufactured by Whitman Publishing Company under license from Hasbro in 1965. The drawings were by Jason Studios. It was product number 1156 and originally sold for 29 cents. So far, I have only found the three coloring books shown here, and all of them on ebay. I have no idea if there are other versions out there.

The other two coloring books, Charge with GI Joe Action Soldier and Battle Stations Torpedoand with GI Joe Action Sailor were published by Watkins Strathmore Company of Racine Wisconsin. Both were licensed by Hassenfeld Brothers in 1965. The pictures in Charge were drawn by Nat Edson. Pictures in Torpedo by Dan Spiegle. Both were purchased on ebay. The product numbers are 1863-2 and 1863-5 on Charge and Torpedo respectively so this seems to suggest that there are at least another three related coloring books if not more. The spine titles are also GI Joe Army Coloring Book and GI Joe Navy Coloring Book respectively.

Bandits at 12 o'clock high is a huge, 380-page coloring book published by Watkins Strathmore Company of Racine, Wisconsin. Published in 1965, this coloring book features more than just action pilot. I purchased this one from ebay.

G.I. Joe Trace & Color Books

This G.I. Joe trace & color book was manufactured by Whitman and licensed by Hasbro in 1965. Trace and color books allowed the owner to trace parts of two pictures and make a third picture. The original cost was 29 cents. These are hard to find where all or any of the pages have not been used. I have not grabbed one of these yet in a condition that I like.

GI Joe Rub Ons

These magic picture transfers were made in 1965 by Hasbro. I have not found any of these myself yet. The idea was to place the rub on transfer over the picture and rub it on.

GI Joe Color By Number

This color by numbers set was licensed to Whitman by Hasbro and manufactured in 1966. It included 38 pictures and 8 large crayons.

GI Joe Coloring Set

This coloring set is kind of like a paint by number set, but with colored pencils. This was manufactured by Hasbro in 1965. It included 6 7 inch long colored pencils and 6 pre-sketched pictures.

GI Joe Magic Slate

Here's another Hasbro licensed product to Whitman. The GI Joe Magic Slate (Whitman stock #4450) was produced in 1965. It came with the little stylus that a child would use to draw pictures. Pull the plastic cover, and the picture erases. I've seen these on eBay, but have not yet added one to my collection.

G.I. Joe Christmas Ornaments

Manufacturer: Enesco
Name: GI Joe Loves Xmas
Product #: 278149
Year: 1997

Enesco kicked off the whole GI Joe ornament theme with this ornament. Licensed by Hasbro, it features a blonde hair GI Joe parachuting with many Christmas toys.

Manufacturer: NONE
Name: N/A
Product #: N/A
Year: 1998

There was no Christmas ornament offered for the year 1998.

Manufacturer: Enesco
Name: GI Joe 35th Anniversary
Product #: TBD
Year: 1999

Enesco followed their first ornament with this 1999 ornament depicting the same GI Joe figure, but this time on skis. The back pack had the same toys and gifts, but this time, included a small pendant (flag) bearing the year date of "1999". Joe also carried a giant candy cane with a 35th Anniversary tag. The packaging also featured the 35th Anniversary logo.

Manufacturer: Hallmark
Name: Action Soldier
Product #: QX6537
Year: 1999

Hallmark started their series of ornaments with this excellent Action Soldier commemorating, like Enesco, the 35th anniversary of GI Joe. The detail is fantastic.

Manufacturer: Hallmark
Name: Action Pilot - Astronaut
Product #: QX06734
Year: 2000

This ornament features Joe in the unique astronaut suit with helmet, chest pack and other features. The helmet visor opens and closes.

Manufacturer: Hallmark
Name: Fighter Pilot
Product #: QX6045
Year: 2001

This is another nice Hallmark ornament featuring the popular fighter pilot in orange jumpsuit and gold helmet.

Manufacturer: Hallmark
Name: Lunch Box & Thermos
Product #: QX8286
Year: 2002

This is a unique 2-piece ornament featuring a GI Joe lunch box and thermos. The lunch box opens and closes and was inspired from the 1967 lunch box.

Manufacturer: Hallmark
Name: AT Helicopter
Product #: QX8601
Year: 2004

Hallmark produced this very cool Adventure Team helicopter with the Land Adventurer. The blades actually turn.

Manufacturer: Hallmark
Name: Scuba Diver
Product #: QXI6262
Year: 2005

Hallmark produced this really lame version of the scuba diver and sea sled, but used the format of the 3 3/4 inch figure.

Manufacturer: American Greetings
Name: AT Mummy
Product #: CXOR-154P
Year: 2006

Hallmark had no ornaments in 2006 so American Greetings stepped up with two ornaments. The first is this neat 3-piece ornament set in the Adventure Team theme featuring Land Adventurer missions. The set includes the mummy, all terrain vehicle (ATV) and Land Adventurer.

Manufacturer: American Greetings
Name: Blast Off
Product #: CXOR-151P
Year: 2006

The second American Greetings ornament for 2006 was this very cool GI Joe astronaut and space capsule.

Manufacturer: American Greetings
Name: Deep Sea Diver
Product #: CXOR-121R
Year: 2007

American Greetings continued to fill the GI Joe ornament void in 2007 with this nice Deep Sea Diver ornament.

Manufacturer: TBD
Name: TBD
Product #: TBD
Year: 2008

My G.I. Joe Room

The Beginnings
The new joe room begins with my oldest daughter moving to college in the fall of 2007. My wife, who truly is the greatest supporter of this hobby, suggested I turn this room into a combination joe room and model railroad. I actually thought about not doing this for a while as I already had a much smaller bedroom that I used for a joe room. It seemed to be adequate and I didn't want to hog a whole room of this size. However, she kept at it and we finally decided to turn the old joe room into a guest bedroom and began turning the larger room into the new official joe room - combination model railroad room. We finished around October-November of 2007.

Pictured here is my wife laboring to get the room painted. Here she is again getting those tough spots.
All my joe room stuff was moved from the smaller bedroom while this was converted into a guest room. It remained in this "staging area" until the new joe room was ready. In this other view of the "staging area" you can see that I bought a few of the 40th anniversary figures.

Moving In
It took a while to plan out where to place all the bookcases and other display furniture in an attempt to pack as much into the room as possible and still be able to move comfortably. Some of the bookcases had to be placed next to one another in order to display a few items that I wanted out like AT Headquarters and the military police setup with the jeep and sentry shack.

Painting done. Curtains hung. Moving in furniture for displays. Adventure Team headquarters sits on empty bookcases.
The MPs begin to move into the top of the bookcase. This view showing the entrance to the room and the set of bookcases that will hold the MPs and other assorted figures.
This area will house all reference books, club materials, and various materials. These bookcases in foreground right will display a number of military police figures and a few other WWII figures.
The blue tape marks the location for the 4 glass display cabinets (what can I say, I'm an engineer). The back area is the location for my small 9'x4' HO-scale model railroad. We sold the pinball machine. Looking further to the right, this area against the wall will be the location for the additional 3 glass display cabinets. The space capsules will hang from a shelf in this location. The back, again, is the spot for the model railroad.

Joe Room Complete
The new joe room consists of 7 glass display cases, 3 tall display units, 2 storage shelves, and 15 bookcases. There are another 4 display cases in other areas of the house outside the joe room.

This view shows the 4 narrow glass display cabinets and a good majority of the room. This view shows the 4 narrow glass display cabinets and the 3 display cabinets along the wall. Four space capsules hang along a shelf.
Here you can see some Joe books. The black binders contain vintage paperwork and Hasbro comic book ads from the 1960s. I keep all the GI Joe Collector's Club newsletters here as well as all my custom AT stickers and decals. Here you can see all the joe related books and reference material. Some of the Indiana Jones figures are hanging out here until I find a spot for them. I usually assemble complete sets in this area and repair any clothing items (yes, I sew them myself).
I keep all clothing, weapons, boots, hats, etc. in individual storage bins stacked in multiple tiers. Each drawer is labeled. I keep vintage items separate from newer items. My newer boot drawer is nearly overflowing. In this view you can see a closer image of the storage drawers. These are stored in the two bedroom closets. The second closet contains some of the 66-quart storeage containers where I keep most newer boxed and packaged items. I have about 100 of these storage containers, obviously not all in this closet.
The shelf contains a mixture of vintage joe and Marx items. The search for the stolen idol box is the one I had as a child. Wish I kept the others. These bookcase shelves contain vehicles and figures. You can see some of the snow troops, mostly Ultimate Soldier, and winter camouflaged Hummer. One shelf contains desert storm type uniforms. Some are Hasbro, some Ultimate Soldier, and the remainder Soldiers of the World.
The Adventure Team headquarters and training tower (Sears version). Some of my vehicles including the Big Trapper, Mobile Command, ATV, Irwin ATV (orange), newer sand rail, and beat up Mobile Command that I found at a swap meet (just needs a little care).
This shelving unit (one of three) contains various new and vintage GI Joe collectibles and toys - electric drawing set, pistol belt and holster, medic kits, blinker, puzzles, coloring books, and convention badges. Framed classic collection advertisements, two of the metal accessory series of timeless collection figures (heavy weapons, forward observation), plust a bit of a view of the jeep. Another shelf with vintage activity box and newer items like key chains, hats, pom pom gunner, and Christmas ornaments.
The top shelf of this case houses the capture of the pigmy gorilla, secret agent, and a Defenders figure. This shelf has the white tiger hunt (2 tigers). This shelf has three 101st airborne figures (SOTW uniforms weathered with dirt and grime) made up of both Hasbro and Ultimate Soldier figures, a vintage joe on a MINT vintage bunk bed, and a newer Hasbro figure wearing a nice Ultimate Soldier medic uniform.
The good thing about the new joe room is that there is still some room to grow. As you can see, some bookcase shelves still remain open. I could easily fill them now, but will wait to see what additional treasures fall my way. This cluttered view shows the 4 glass display cases. On top is the Adventure Team tent from the 2008 convention, an Ultimate Soldier bazooka team, and some artillery. Here we see two Adventure Team helicopters. One is suspended from the ceiling. The other rests near Adventure Team Headquarters and the training tower.
Another view of the "office area" showing vintage jeeps, artwork, and advertisements. The advertisements are for classic collection figures. These were in various collectible magazines in past years. I use an antique wooden school desk from a long gone school in Crown Point, NY to do most of my work. On the right are many, many of the Walmart, Hot Topic, and other Kung Fu grip figures from 2007 & 2008. The Millenium figures (WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam) sit on the top of one bookcase on rhe right
One of the display cases against the wall houses a few Adventure Team figures. The bookcase has a couple of shelves of German WWII figures. These are all Ultimate Soldier with one Dragon figure. This shelving unit has a couple of GI sentry posts made by Ideal. Also the Target Duke from 1991, GI Joe watch, some Christmas ornaments, and a few other items. Still plenty of room in this unit to add more.
Ernie Pyle sits at the table while a Joe wearing the correspondent uniform talks to him. A number of MPs stop a jeep for a security check. Audie Murphy is also mixed into this crowd. The Airborne MPs are the KayBee toy versions with Hall of Fame bodies. A look at vintage and newer space capsules. One is the vintage glow-in- the-dark version with the standard blue cockpit version. The other two are more recent versions. The shelf contains vintage and newer items.
I throw miscellaneous big vehicle parts into this caged shelving unit. I also throw all the newer Joes that I find in the thrift store into this unit. Usually get these joes for under $2. I have another full footlocker (a 1:1 size version) full of these figures. Some additional newer figures, the Hasbro howitzer, and another knockoff equipment case. The FAO marine jungle fighter and green beret hang on the wall. Additional vehicles fill out the shelves.
The closets contain the extra parts, clothes, and various items. This view shows the space capsules along the wall, jeeps piled in the back along the bookshelf, and some of the display cases.
The newer howitzer with some vintage and newer items. Three display cabinets including both newer (left) and vintage Adventure Team figures (middle and right).
Some convention sets (Battle of Britain and Unsung Heroes with some newer figures. Three display cabinets including both newer (left) and vintage Adventure Hasbro released different versions of the Willy's jeep. This case contains many of these jeeps including the Navy Shore Patrol.
A closeup of some of the art hanging in the "office" includes a print signed by an artist of some of the original GI Joe packaging, Sam Petrucci, along with some magazine advertising. A view of the Adventure Team Headquarters and Sears Training Tower.
Various new footlockers, vintage Peter Pan records, and some beat up jeeps that I found in thrift stores. The cool sentry case by Ideal along with new and old items including the Target Duke figure. Miscellaneous vintage children's GI Joe toys like the medical kits, and gun holster, shoe shine kit, and blinker lights.

Joe Room Next Phase
The joe room increases by 4 more display cases for a total of 11 glass display cases, 3 tall display units, 2 storage shelves, and 15 bookcases. There are another 4 display cases in other areas of the house outside the joe room. Following some household purging, various books and photo albums were moved from the joe room opening up new space for the addition of more display cases and future shelving.

This view shows the new open space made available by removing book cases into another room. This wall will house an additional 4 display cases. This space originally had two large bookcases full of historical information. Moving these freed a great deal of space for more displays.
Three of the four display cabinets sit against the new space. A closer view of the cabinets sitting against the wall. The four cabinets are in place awaiting new display items.
In addition to installing four new cabinets along the wall, I have now moved two cabinets from the upstairs living room along the other wall as shown here. You can see the desert jeep along with many of the newer figures like 40th Anniversary and some of my new personal Adventure Team line. Another view of the cabinets from the living room. On the far wall, you can see the Soldiers of the World line.
The new cases - from left to right: Soldiers of the World; Action Marine; Action Sailor; Action Pilot. On the top, the 7000 jeep and new GI Joe Club Adventure Team desert vehicle. A wider view of the new expanded Joe area with the four new cases on one wall and two moved cases on the other. There is still room for one more case on the other wall

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