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G.I. Joe Terminology/Definitions

Are you new to G.I. Joe collecting and becoming confused by certain terms being tossed around in the community? Look below for some relief.

AM Action Man
AT Adventure Team
Baby Feet This refers to the smaller feet of the early Joe figures. They were quite plain and simple. Later feet had more detail in the toes and even toenails.
Brass Rivets Some very early figures had brass covered rivets.
Big HandsHands which have fatter fingers, crude detail and possibly some plastic flash on the fingers.
CCClassic Collection (1996-1999)
CardedItems on blister card
Cloth CapThe very first of these were made of cloth and not plastic as in later releases. VERY RARE!
Cloth Cartridge BeltThe very first of these were made of cloth and not plastic as in later releases. Extremely hard to find. VERY RARE!
Cloth First Aid KitThe very first of these were made of cloth and not plastic as in later releases. RARE!
Coffin Box These were the narrow boxes which were used for vintage figures consisting of a basic bottom portion and a top which fit over it (like a coffin). The top cover had the artwork for the product.
CNPComplete no Package.
DOB Defenders of Bulletman. This is a group of Joe collectors who have a passion for the GI Joe Bulletman figure. They can be identified by their red T-shirts, strange hand salutes, and chants of "All Hail DOB!"
Double Trademark Box A double trademark box has a trademark symbol next to "GI Joe," and "Action Sailor/Soldier/Marine/Pilot." These were issued from 1965-1966.
Eagle Eye Joes with moveable eyes via a lever in the back of the head
E.S.P. These are samples of a finished or near finished product (e.g., an action figure).
Eyeliner Joe Early Joes with heavy eye brow paint. See also "mascara joe".
"Fine Grip" PistolEarly version of the .45 pistol with a finer grip. This has a higher demand.
Foreign FiguresThese are the Soldiers of the World figures (Japanese Imperial Soldier, British Commando, German Stormtrooper, Australian Jungle Fighter, French Resistance Fighter, Russian Infantryman). These have a different European face (the Japanese had an asian face) with no scar.
Fuzzy HeadThis refers to the G.I. Joes with Life-Like hair. Also known as flocked hair. Some of these were painted hairs that had flocked hair applied.
Golden Rod FlightsuitYellow version of the original action pilot flight suit. RARE!
Golden Rod LifevestA first issue piece also known as yellow lifevest vs. orange.
Heat Stamp Early copyright usually stamped into the shoulder or back area of the figure instead of the typical embossed copyright on the butt.
HOF Hall of Fame
HTFHard to Find
KnockoffItems made like vintage Joe items by different manufacturers. Lower quality.
Kung-Fu Grip (KFG)Introduced in 1974. Flexible hands which gripped items easier. Over years of use, these hands discolored and deteriorated. Reintroduced in 2002 with the new Danger of the Depths figure.
Life-Like Body More muscular Joe body w/less articulation
Life-Like Hair Fuzzy hair G.I. Joes
Lost Talker Talking GI Joe figures produced by the GI Joe Collector's Club that included 10 phrases originally meant for the first talking GI Joe action figures.
Mascara Joe These are early figures with extra paint detail under the eyes and thick painted eyebrows. Also known as eyeliner faces or Trademark Joes.
MIBMint in Box.
MIMBMint in Mint Box.
MIMPMint in Mint Package.
MISP Mint in sealed package. Usually associated with sealed plastic bags.
MOC Mint on Card.
MOMCMint on Mint Card
MIPMint in Package.
NRFBNever Removed from Box.
NRFPNever Removed from Package.
Painted HairThese are the first issue G.I. Joes 1964-1969. Like it says, the hair was painted (red, brown, black, or blonde).
Painted RivetsThe early series of figures had flesh painted rivets (holding the figure together). This was discontinued during the Adventure Team era.
PalitoyEnglish licensed G.I. Joe maker
Pin HeadThis refers to a Joe whose head has shrunk over the years. A bump appears at the top of the head caused by the inside pin that attaches the head to the figure.
Rare An overused term on Ebay.
RAHReal American Hero.
Rubber Boots The very first figures came with boots made of rubber and had great detail. They came in both black and brown. Many times today, the rubber has hardened. The bottoms will say HASBRO and have a registered trademark symbol. RARE!
SA JoeThis refers to the Super Articulated Joes that premiered late in 2001. These figures had a design similar to the Dragon figure and were much more poseable than previous GI Joes. The actual Hasbro designation for these figures were "Super-Poseable".
Single Trademark Box A single trademark box has a registered trademark symbol next to "GI Joe," and "Action Sailor/Soldier/Marine/Pilot." These were issued in 1967.
Slotted Shoulder These early figures have holes bored through the shoulders. Later figures will have the slot without the round bore. RARE!
SOTW Soldiers of the World - An action figure made by Formative International.
Super-Poseable Hasbro designation of figures appearing late in 2001 using a much more poseable body design. Collectors refered to these as SA or Super Articulated GI Joes.
SV Super Vintage. The GI Joe Collector's Club combined the super poseable (super articulated) modern figure with a re-tooled neck post and a vintage head (both classic painted hair and adventure team life-like hair).
Triple Trademark Box A triple trademark box has a trademark symbol next to "GI Joe," "Action Sailor/Soldier/Marine/Pilot," and "America's Moveable Fighting Man." These were issued in 1964 only.
V.S.P.Vendor Supplied Product. These are the first factory samples for review. They are used to check the tooling and clothing fit. The coloring is not usually the same as the finished product. These are RARE.
Window BoxThis is a large relatively flat box with a cellophane window in the front. Uniforms or accessories are sewn onto a card and inserted into the box.

What Year was My G.I. Joe Made?

If you have a G.I. Joe and want to know when it was produced, look below. The copyright information is located on the torso of vintage and reproduction (Timeless Collection, Masterpiece Edition) Joes and the lower back of Hall of Fame & Classic Collection Joes. The copyright on more recent Joes is on the buttocks. The copyright may be the same even though the head sculpt and hand design has changed (e.g., WWII head, gung-ho grip, etc.). If you find the copyright info of a vintage Joe on his shoulder, hang on to that Joe! You’ve found the holy grail as these were early salesman samples.

Vintage - United States Copyrights
1966 only
PAT. NO. 3,277,602
1975-1976 lifelike bodies
© 1967 BY HASBRO ®
Vintage - Canadian Copyrights
Canada 1960s
© RD 1964
Canada 1970s
("Made in Canada" may be missing on some figures)
New - United States Copyrights
© 1991 HASBRO, INC.
Target Duke
© 1992 HASBRO, INC.
1992 Hall of Fame
© 1993 HASBRO, INC.
1993 Hall of Fame
© 1996 HASBRO, INC.
1996-1999 Classic Collection
1999-2001 Alpha-Foxtrot Figures
© 1997 HASBRO, INC.
1997-1999 Classic Collection
Females Only
Right Buttocks

Left Buttocks
Masterpiece Edition
Timeless Collection
Various Years
Various Figures
Super Articulated Figure
© 2003 HASBRO, INC
40th Anniversary Figure
U.S. PATENT NO. 6,733,359 © 2003 HASBRO INC.
Various Years
Various Figures
© 2003 HASBRO, INC
Voice FX Figures

The Eras of G.I. Joe

G.I. Joe first went into action in 1964 and lasted until 1976 when he was phased out as a full 12" figure. I do not consider Super Joe, Intruders, or Defender as true vintage G.I. Joes. By this time in G.I. Joe’s history, he was shrinking and losing articulation at a rapid rate in order to save money. I also don’t consider the 3 ¾" G.I. Joe to be G.I. Joe at all. For me, the vintage era of G.I. Joe spans from 1964-1976 and he never sees the light of day again until 1991.

G.I. Joe
Action Sailor/Soldier/Marine/Pilot
Action Soldiers of the World
G.I. Joe Nurse
The Adventures of G.I. Joe
Moved away from the military theme.
The G.I. Joe Adventure Team
G.I. Joe now has life-like hair and beard.
The G.I. Joe Adventure Team With Kung-Fu Grip
G.I. Joe now has life-like hair, beard and a Kung-Fu grip.
G.I. Joe Mike Powers Atomic Man
G.I. Joe now has Mike Powers with bionic leg, bionic arm, and bionic eye.
G.I. Joe Eagle Eye
G.I. Joe is now included with eyes which move left to right via a small lever in the back of his head. Also introduced during this time are Bullet Man, Defender, Super Joe and the Intruders.
G.I. Joe shrinks to a 3 ¾" size.
Hall of Fame - Target Duke
G.I. Joe returns with life-like hair, but drastically reduced articulation (see Hall of Fame following). This year was a joint TARGET - HASBRO venture only and really re-introduced GI Joe to the American consumer and collector.
G.I. Joe Hall of Fame
G.I. Joe officially returns in a 12" size, but with the mission of the 3 ¾" figures. Each figure is a different face sculpt. The vintage head does NOT return. Articulation is very limited. Arms and legs bend in 2 or 3 settings while the waist is somewhat limited. Feet are completely molded to the leg and have no articulation.
G.I. Joe 30th Anniversary
This includes 5 specially boxed figures (Action Soldier, AA Action Soldier, Action Pilot, Action Marine, and Action Sailor) and 2 mail-away figures (Joseph Colton Green Beret and Arctic Joseph Colton). The Arctic Joseph Colton was issued when demand for the original Green Beret Colton far outweighed the supply long before the mail-away offer ended.
WWII 50th Anniversary Figures
These are Hall of Fame bodies. Two versions of AA (light & dark).
G.I. Joe Classic Collection
Much improved body and articulation from Hall of Fame.
G.I. Joe Masterpiece Edition
Reproduction G.I. Joe as Target exclusive toy store release.
G.I. Joe Timeless Collection
Reproduction G.I. Joe as exclusive toy store releases. Store chains usually include FAO Schwartz, Target, Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, and KB Toys.
Adventures of G.I. Joe
G.I. Joe returns again with life-like hair for the 35th Anniversary. Also incudes painted hair adventure figures (police, fire).
G.I. 2005
Hasbro drops the Classic Collection title and returns to just G.I. Joe. The helmet logo returns to the original vintage symbol (action soldier with camo netting on helmet). Product is divided into varying price point categories (Alpha, Bravo, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot). Also begins introducing new action figures (grenade throwing Marine, pistol shooting Coast Guard, etc.). A portion of the new G.I. Joe line include low price point ($14.99) basic carded figures. Late in 2000 and early 2001, an even lower price point figure ($9.99) enter the market. In 2001 the line also introduces a much more articulated figure.
G.I. Joe Foreign Soldiers Collection
Hasbro braves the world of political correctness by introducing such controversial figures as the WWII Panzer Tank German and WWII Japanese Officer soldiers. This series is a part of the G.I. Joe Collection in the previous category and sees the first introduction of a smaller hand.
G.I. Joe Double Duty
Hasbro replaces the G.I. Joe 2010 series with this series in 2001. This year also marks the 1st time in 20 years that GI Joe advertising returns to television.
G.I. Joe Pearl Harbor Collection
Hasbro introduces the Pearl Harbor Collection in the spring/summer of 2001. The carded figures introduce the new Hasbro GUNG-HO grip. This is a new hand style with moveable fingers - trigger finger separate from remaining 3 fingers and non-movable thumb. Boxed figures also featured the GUNG-HO grip, but also featured the new Hasbro articulated body style similar to Ultimate Soldier's Super Soldier body. Television advertising begins in May 2001.
G.I. Joe Adventure Team Collection
Hasbro re-introduces the GI Joe Adventure Team with the "Secret of the Mummy's Tomb" figure in late 2001.
G.I. Joe Gungo-Ho Grip & Improved Articulation
Hasbro introduces the GUNG-HO grip first on carded figures. A new articulated body design is also added and soon all boxed figures have Gung-Ho grip and the new body design.
Reintroduction of G.I. Kung-Fu Grip
Hasbro reintroduces its classic Kung-Fu grip on the Adventure Team Danger of the Depths figure.
40th Anniversary Figure
Hasbro reintroduces its vintage figure using new tooling and molds. Although the 40th anniversary figure sets are under the Timeless Collection banner, the head is more appropriately sized unlike the original Timeless Collection figures and sculpted from various styles of vintage heads (pin heads, soft heads, hard heads, etc).
Voice FX Figures
Hasbro introduces its first talking figures using a new realistic moving mouth. The voice alternated between speaking and shouting depending upon the amount of force applied to the talk button. There was some limited articulation - head and wrists swivel only. Only two figures were produced - Talking Duke and a Marine Squad Leader (Caucasian and African American versions).
SECOND DARK AGES 12" GI Joe Dies Again
The year 2005 marked the death of 12" GI Joe yet again due to decreasing sales. The new GI Joe, now 8", was called Sigma-6. The 12" GI Joe figure would only be produced via exclusives such as those produced by the GI Joe Collector's Club.
Super Vintage GI Joe
The GI Joe Collector's Club developed the super vintage figure and released it for the first time as the 2006 convention figure. This figure featured a re-tooled vintage style head designed to fit the neck post of the super articulated modern figure.


G.I. Joe first went through many changes over his short vintage 12" history. Beginning with a military theme, it soon changed to an adventure theme and into what became the GI Joe Adventure Team. The following section shows the Hasbro product number and name of various sets produced through GI Joe's existance.

7500 1964 Action Soldier
7501 1964 Combat Field Jacket Set (window box set)
7502 1964 Combat Field Pack (Reconnaissance) Set (window box set)
7503 1964 Combat Fatigue Shirt (carded)
7504 1964 Combat Fatigue Pants (carded)
7505 1964 Combat Field Jacket (carded)
7506 1964 Combat Field Pack Set (carded)
7507 1964 Combat Helmet Set (carded)
7508 1964 Combat Sand Bags Set (carded)
7509 1964 Combat Mess Kit Set (carded)
7510 1964 Combat Rifle Set (carded; reissued 1967)
7511 1964 Combat Camouflage Netting Set (carded)
7512 1964 Bivouac Sleeping Bag Set (window box set)
7513 1964 Bivouac Deluxe Pup Tent Set (window box set)
7514 1964 Bivouac Machine Gun Set (carded; reissued 1967)
7515 1964 Bivouac Sleeping Bag Set (carded)
7517 1964 Command Post Poncho Set (window box set)
7518 1964 Command Post Small Arms Set (carded)
7519 1964 Command Post Poncho (carded)
7520 1964 Command Post Field Radio & Telephone Set ( carded; reissued 1967)
7521 1964 Military Police Set (window box set)
7523 1964 Military Police Duffle Bag (carded)
7524 1964 Military Police Ike Jacket Set (carded)
7525 1964 Military Police Ike Pants (carded)
7526 1964 Military Police Helmet & Small Arms Set (carded; reissued 1967)
7000 1965 Official Jeep Combat Set (engine sound & rocket firing rifle)
7900 1965 Action Soldier (AA version)
5931 1965 Machine Gun Emplacement Set (SEARS exclusive; boxed set)
7527 1965 Army Ski Troops Set (carded; reissued 1967)
7530 1965 Mountain Troops Set (window box set)
7531 1965 Ski Patrol Set (window box set)
7522 1966 Army Jungle Fighter Set (carded; reissued 1967)
7528 1966 Army Rocket Firing Bazooka Set (carded; reissued 1967)
7529 1966 Army Snow Troop Set (carded; reissued 1967)
7532 1966 Special Forces Set (window box set)
7533 1966 Army Green Beret Set (carded; reissued 1967)
5969 1966 Forward Observer Set (SEARS exclusive; boxed set)
5978 1966 Green Beret Machine Gun Outpost Set (SEARS exclusive; boxed set)
7536 1966 Green Beret (window box set)
7516 1967 Sabotage Set (window box set; reissued 1968 in box)
7537 1967 West Point Cadet Set (window box set)
7538 1967 Heavy Weapons Set (window box set; reissued 1968 in box)
7539 1967 Military Police Set (window box set; reissued 1968 in a box)
7571 1967 Army Combat Engineer Set (carded)
7572 1967 Army Combat Construction Set (carded)
7573 1967 Army Combat Demolition Set (carded)
8030 1967 Desert Patrol Attack Jeep Set (included desert fighter)
5904 1967 Canadian Mountie Set (SEARS exclusive; boxed set)
7590 1967 Talking Action Soldier
7549.83 1967 Adventure Pack Army Bivouac Series (20 pieces; boxed set)
7557.83 1967 Talking Adventure Pack: Mountain Troop Series (23+ pieces; boxed set)
90513 1967 Talking Adventure Pack and Bivouac Equipment (15+ pieces; boxed set)
90517 1967 Talking Adventure Pack and Command Post Equipment (16+ pieces; boxed set)
90532 1967 Talking Adventure Pack and Special Forces Equipment (13+ pieces; boxed set)
7540 1968 Combat Set (boxed)
7600 1964 Action Sailor
7601 1964 Sea Rescue Set (window box set)
7602 1964 Navy Frogman Set (window box set; reissued 1968 in box)
7603 1964 Frogman Scuba Top (carded)
7604 1964 Frogman Scuba Bottoms (carded)
7605 1964 Frogman Scuba Equipment Set (carded)
7606 1964 Frogman Scuba Tanks (carded)
7608 1964 Navy Attack Work Shirt (carded)
7609 1964 Navy Attack Work Pants (carded)
7606 1964 Navy Attack Set (window box set)
7610 1964 Navy Attack Helmet Set (carded)
7611 1964 Navy Attack Life Jacket (carded)
7612 1964 Shore Patrol Set (window box set; reissued 1967)
7613 1964 Shore Patrol Dress Jumper Set (carded)
7614 1964 Shore Patrol Dress Pants (carded)
7615 1964 Shore Patrol Sea Bag (carded)
7616 1964 Shore Patrol Helmet Set (carded)
7618 1965 Navy Machine Gun Set (carded)
7619 1965 Navy Dress Parade Rifle Set (carded)
7620 1965 Deep Sea Diver Set (window box set; reissued 1968 in box)
7621 1965 Landing Signal Officer Set (window box set)
7622 1966 Sea Rescue Set (window box set; reissue of 7601 w/additional life preserver)
7626 1966 Navy L.S.O. Equipment Set (carded)
7627 1966 Navy Life Ring (carded)
7628 1966 Navy Basics Set (carded)
8050 1966 Official Sea Sled & Frogman Set (box)
5957 1966 Official Sea Sled & Frogman Set (SEARS exclusive)
7623 1967 Deep Freeze Set (window box set; reissued 1968 in box)
7624 1967 Annopolis Cadet Set (window box set; reissued 1968 in box)
7625 1967 Breeches Buoy Set (window box set; reissued 1968 in box)
7643.83 1967 Adventure Pack: Navy Scuba Series (24+ pieces; boxed set)
90612 1967 Talking Adventure Pack and Shore Patrol Equipment (16+ pieces; boxed set)
90621 1967 Talking Adventure Pack and Landing Signal Officer Equipment (15+ pieces; boxed set)
7690 1967 Talking Action Sailor
7700 1964 Action Marine
7701 1964 Communications Poncho Set (window box set)
7702 1964 Communications Poncho Set (carded)
7703 1964 Communications Field Set (carded; reissued 1967)
7704 1964 Communications Flag Set (carded)
7705 1964 Paratrooper Parachute Set (window box set)
7706 1964 Paratrooper Small Arms Set (carded; reissued 1967)
7707 1964 Paratrooper Helmet Set (carded)
7708 1964 Communications Camouflage Set (carded)
7709 1964 Paratrooper Parachute Pack (carded)
7710 1964 Dress Parade Set (window box set; reissued 1968 in box w/dress shoes)
7711 1964 Beachhead Assault Tent Set (window box set)
7712 1964 Beachhead Assault Field Pack Set (window box set)
7713 1964 Beachhead Field Pack Set (carded)
7714 1964 Beachhead Fatigue Shirt (carded)
7715 1964 Beachhead Fatigue Pants (carded)
7716 1964 Beachhead Mess Kit Set (carded)
7717 1964 Beachhead Rifle Set (carded; reissued 1967)
7718 1964 Beachhead Flamethrower Set (carded; reissued 1967)
7719 1965 Marine Medic Set (window box set)
7720 1965 Marine Medic Set (carded; reissued 1967)
7721 1965 Marine First Aid Set (carded)
7722 1966 Marine Basics Set (carded)
7723 1966 Marine Bunk Bed Set (carded; reissued 1967)
7725 1967 Marine Mortar Set (carded)
7726 1967 Marine Automatic Machine Gun Set (carded)
7727 1967 Marine Weapons Rack Set (carded)
7730 1966 Marine Demolition Set (window box set; reissued 1968 in box)
7731 1967 Tank Commander Set (window box set; reissued 1968 in box)
7732 1967 Jungle Fighter Set (window box set; reissued 1968 in box)
7790 1967 Talking Action Marine
7733.83 1967 Adventure Pack: Marine Medic Series (18+ pieces)
90711 1967 Talking Adventure Pack & Tent Set Equipment (15+ pieces)
90712 1967 Talking Adventure Pack & Field Pack Equipment (16+ pieces)
7800 1964 Action Pilot
7801 1964 Survival Set (window box set)
7802 1964 Survival Life Raft Set (carded)
7803 1964 Dress Uniform Set (window box set)
7804 1964 Dress Uniform Jacket (carded)
7805 1964 Dress Uniform Pants (carded)
7806 1964 Dress Uniform Shirt & Equipment Set (carded)
7807 1964 Scramble Set (window box set)
7808 1964 Scramble Flight Suit (carded; reissued 1967)
7809 1964 Scramble Air Vest & Equipment Set (carded; reissued 1967)
7810 1964 Scramble Crash Helmet (carded; reissued 1967)
7811 1964 Scramble Parachute Pack (carded)
7812 1965 Scramble Communications Set (carded; reissued 1967)
7813 1965 Air Force Police Set (carded; reissued 1967)
7814 1966 Air Force Basics Set (carded; reissued 1967)
7815 1967 Air Force Security Set (carded)
7816 1967 Air Force Mae West Air Vest & Equipment Set (carded)
7820 1966 Crash Crew Set (window box set; reissued 1968 in box)
8020 1966 Official Space Capsule Set (boxed)
8040 1967 Crash Crew Fire Truck Set (boxed)
7822 1967 Air Academy Cadet Set (window box set; reissued 1968 in box)
7823 1967 Fighter Pilot Set (window box set; reissued 1968 in box)
7824 1967 Astronaut Set (window box set; reissued 1968 in box)
7825 1967 Air Sea Rescue Set (window box set; reissued 1968 in box)
7890 1967 Talking Action Pilot
8005.83 1968 GI Joe Action Series Equipment Set (mixed services - 12+ pieces)
8006.83 1968 GI Joe Action Series Equipment Set (mixed services - 14+ pieces)
8007.83 1968 GI Joe Action Series Equipment Set (mixed services - 16+ pieces)
8008.83 1968 GI Joe Action Series Equipment Set (mixed services - 14+ pieces)
- 1968 GI Joe Adventure Pack: 4 Services in 1 Special
8000.83 1968 Footlocker Adventure Packs (16+ pieces; reissued 1969)
8001.83 1968 Footlocker Adventure Packs (15+ pieces; reissued 1969)
8002.83 1968 Footlocker Adventure Packs (22+ pieces; reissued 1969)
8060 1967 GI Nurse Action Girl (blonde or brunette; green eyes; white or green shoulder bag)
8100 1966 German Soldier (window box)
8101 1966 Japanese Imperial Soldier (window box)
8102 1966 Russian Infantryman (window box)
8103 1966 French Resistance Fighter (window box)
8104 1966 British Commando (window box)
8105 1966 Australian Jungle Fighter (window box)
8200 1966 German Soldier (narrow box)
8201 1966 Japanese Imperial Soldier (narrow box)
8202 1966 Russian Infantryman (narrow box)
8203 1966 French Resistance Fighter (narrow box)
8204 1966 British Commando (narrow box)
8205 1966 Australian Jungle Fighter (narrow box)
8300 1966 German Soldier (equipment set)
8301 1966 Japanese Imperial Soldier (equipment set)
8302 1966 Russian Infantryman (equipment set)
8303 1966 French Resistance Fighter (equipment set)
8304 1966 British Commando (equipment set)
8305 1966 Australian Jungle Fighter (equipment set)
5038 1967 The Uniforms of Six Nations (SEARS exclusive)
8111.83 1968 Talking GI Joe Adventure Pack: Foreign Soldiers of the World
7905 1969 Adventurer (assorted hair colors; Caucasian & AA)
7910 1969 Aquanaut
7915 1969 Talking Astronaut
7920 1969 Danger of the Depths
7921 1969 Mysterious Explosion
7922 1969 Secret Mission to Spy Island (camo fatigues)
7923 1969 Perilous Rescue
7950 1969 Eight Ropes of Danger
7951 1969 Fantastic Freefall
7952 1969 Hidden Missile Discovery
7953 1969 Mouth of Doom
7980 1969 The Sharks Surprise
7981 1969 Spacewalk Mystery
7982 1969 The Figth for Survival
7940 1969 Adventure Footlocker (red; wood and vinyl versions)
7941 1969 Aqua Footlocker (green; wood and vinyl versions)
7942 1969 Astro Footlocker (blue; wood and vinyl versions)
7401 1970 Land Adventurer (brown hair/beard; blue eyes; shoulder holster)
7402 1970 Sea Adventurer (red hair; brown eyes; shoulder holster)
7403 1970 Air Adventurer (blonde hair; brown eyes; shoulder holster)
7404 1970 Adventurer (AA; black hair; brown eyes; shoulder holster)
7404 1970 Man of Action (brown or blonde hair; brown eyes)
7590 1970 Talking Man of Action
7590 1970 Talking Adventure Team Commander (brown hair/beard; blue eyes)
7400 1970 Talking Adventure Team Commander (brown hair/beard; blue eyes)
7411 1970 Secret Mission to Spy Island (black outfit)
7412 1970 Danger of the Depths
7415 1970 Hidden Missile Discovery
7422 1970 Eight Ropes of Danger
7423 1970 Fantastic Freefall
7425 1970 Flying Space Adventure
7431 1970 Fight for Survival
7431.16 1973 Mystery of the Boiling Lagoon (SEARS exclusive)
7436 1970 White Tiger Hunt
7437 1970 Capture of the Pigmy Gorilla
7005 1970 Official Adventure Team Vehicle (ATV)
7441 1970 Secret of the Mummy's Tomb
7442 1970 The Sharks Surprise (blue sea sled)
7445 1970 Spacewalk Mystery
7000.18 1971 Desert Patrol Adventure
7340 1971 Missile Recovery
7341 1971 Radiation Detection
7342 1971 High Voltage Escape
7343 1971 Hurricane Spotter
7344 1971 Volcane Jumper
7345 1971 Aerial Recon
7370 1971 Demolition (changed to dangerous removal)
7371 1971 Smoke Jumper
7372 1971 Karate
7373 1971 Jungle Survival
7374 1971 Emergency Rescue
7375 1971 Secret Agent
7350 1971 Rescue Raft
7351 1971 Fire Fighter
7352 1971 Life Line Catapult
7353 1971 Windboat
7354 1971 Underwater Explore
7360 1971 Escape Car
7361 1971 Flying Rescue
7362 1971 Signal Flasher
7363 1971 Turbo Copter
7364 1971 Drag Bike
7418 1971 Search for the Stolen Idol
79-59092 1971 Recovery of the Lost Mummy Adventure (SEARS exclusive)
7499 1972 Mobile Support Vehicle
7490 1972 Adventure Team Headquarters
7495 1972 Training Center
7430.16 1973 Search for the Abominable Snowman (SEARS exclusive)
7406 1973 Talking Adventure Team Commander (AA; black hair/beard; brown eyes)
7405 1973 Talking Astronaut (blonde hair; brown eyes)
7308-1 1973 Desert Survival
7308-2 1973 Dangerous Mission
7308-3 1973 Fight for Survival
7308-4 1973 Secret Rendezvous
7308-5 1973 Hidden Treasure
7308-6 1973 Copter Rescue
7309-1 1973 Secret Mission
7309-2 1973 Dangerous Climb
7309-3 1973 Jungle Ordeal
7309-4 1973 Photo recon
7309-4 1973 Winter Rescue (replaced "photo recon")
7309-5 1973 Desert Explorer(card)
7309-6 1973 Undercover Agent
7310 1973 Underwater Demolition
7311 1973 Laser Rescue
7312 1973 Sonic Rock Blaster
7313 1973 Chest Winch
7314 1973 Solar Communicator
7315 1973 Rocket Pack
7319-1 1973 Escape Slide
7319-2 1973 Magnetic Flaw Detector
7319-3 1973 Sample Analyzer
7319-4 1973 Thermal Terrain Scanner
7319-5 1973 Equipment Tester
7319-6 1973 Seismograph
7380 1973 Helicopter
7439 1974 Devil of the Deep
7493 1974 Sandstorm Survival Adventure
7450 1974 Fate of the Trouble Shooter
8000 1974 Adventure Team Foot Locker
7413 1975 Revenge of Spy Shark
7414 1975 Black Widow Rendezvous
7416 1975 Peril of the Raging Inferno
7420 1975 Attack at Vulture Falls
7421 1975 Jaws of Death
7440 1975 Skydive to Danger
7460 1975 Sea Wolf Submarine
7470 1975 Sky Hawk
7328-1 1975 Secret Courier
7328-2 1975 Thrust into Danger
7328-2 1975 Magnum Power (replaced "Thrust into Danger")
7328-3 1975 Long Range Recon
7328-4 1975 Green Danger
7328-5 1975 Buried Bounty
7328-6 1975 Divers Distress
7338-1 1975 Danger Ray Detection
7338-2 1975 Night Surveillance
7338-3 1975 Shocking Escape
7339-1 1975 Raging River Dam Up
7339-2 1975 Jettison to Safety
7339-3 1975 Mine Shaft Breakout
7380 1976 Helicopter (reissued)
7481 1976 Capture Copter Adventure
7494 1976 Big Trapper
7000 1976 Combat Jeep and Trailer Set
7280 1974 Land Adventurer (brown hair/beard; blue eyes; rifle)
7281 1974 Sea Adventurer (red hair/beard; brown eyes; rifle)
7282 1974 Air Adventurer (blonde hair/beard; brown eyes; rifle)
7283 1974 Adventurer (AA; black hair; brown eyes; rifle)
7284 1974 Man of Action (brown hair; blue eyes or blonde hair/brown eyes; rifle)
7292 1974 Talking Man of Action (rifle)
7290 1974 Talking Adventure Team Commander (brown hair/beard; blue eyes; rifle)
7291 1974 Talking Adventure Team Commander (AA; black hair/beard; brown eyes; rifle)
7270 1975 Land Adventurer (shorts only)
7280 1975 Land Adventurer (shorts & uniform)
7281 1975 Sea Adventurer (shorts and uniform)
7282 1975 Air Adventurer (shorts and uniform)
7271 1975 Black Adventurer (shorts only)
7283 1975 Black Adventurer (shorts and uniform)
7272 1975 Man of Action (shorts only)
7277 1976 Eagle Eye Man of Action (uniform only)
7284 1975 Man of Action (shorts and uniform)
7276 1976 Eagle Eye Land Commander (uniform only)
7290 1976 Talking Commander (shorts and uniform)
7292 1976 Talking Man of Action (shorts and uniform)
8025 1975 Mike Powers Atomic Man
8028-1 1975 Race for Recovery
8028-2 1975 Fangs of the Cobra
8028-3 1975 Special Assignment
8031 1975 Dive to Danger
8030 1975 Secret Mission
8032 1975 Challenge of Savage River
8033 1975 Command Para Drop
8040 1975 Secret Mountain Outpost
8026 1976 Bulletman
8050 1976 Intruder Commander
8051 1976 Intruder Warrior


These two GI JOE Police Search and Rescue figures are KMart exclusives and are part of Hasbro's Alpha Collection. Assortment #53248 and item #53246. These molded T-shirt figures come in the variations shown. One with the green molded T-shirt (no lettering) which have been indicative of the fireman series of figures. This also comes with a plain black ball cap.

The second figure has the blue molded T-shirt with "POLICE" markings indicitive of the policeman series of figures. This also comes with the black ball cap, but marked with "POLICE" and "Special Response Team #12". All other accessories are the same.


The following are some of the more rare items. This list does not necesarily constitue the items in my collection, although I do have some of them. This is presented as a helpful guide only.

Cloth Web Belt
Hasbro didn't make many of these cloth cartridge web belts. As far as I know, they were mostly salesman samples, but you do see them once in a while on eBay. They command a very high price and are extremely rare.

Black Rubber Boots
Hasbro first edition rubber boots are fairly scarce. These are distinguishable from ordinary Hasbro boots by their softer rubber and "Hong Kong" markings around the curve of the bottom heel. The detail in these boots is much more noticeable than regular plastic boots. The boots sometimes get hard with age.

Brown Rubber Boots
Hasbro first edition brown rubber boots are also scarce. Like the black version, these boots are distinguishable from ordinary Hasbro boots by their softer rubber and "Hong Kong" markings around the curve of the bottom heel. The detail in these boots is also much more noticeable than regular plastic boots.

White Combat Boots
Hasbro released these rare white combat boots in 1966 with the Action Sailor Deep Freeze set. This set normally included the more plentiful white snow boots. You could also find these in the 1969-1970s Talking Astronaut. These are just like the tall black or brown combat boots...just molded in white. They are difficult to find and expensive when you do find them. I found my pair in a box full of GI Joe junk and knockoff items at a toy show.

Short Deep Freeze Boots
These are the rare first issue short white boots released with the Action Sailor Deep Freeze set.

Blue Air Police Radio

Airborne MP Radio
The black MP radio with orange markings came with the 1967 (a good year for rare items) Airborne MP set. A matching black MP helmet with orange markings also came with the set.

Tan Adventurer Cap
The tan cap is the same design as the more familiar olive drab cap that came with the action marine and action soldier. This tan version came with the 1969 Adventures of GI Joe figure and is very rare.

Cloth First Aid Pouch
The cloth first aid pouch was the first version of the first aid pouch. The more common version is plastic. It is held closed by a metal snap and has a cloth loop on the back to attach to the web belt.

1964 Pistol - Fine Grip
The 1964 version of the .45 caliber pistol had a fine grip and is a little harder to find as well as being a bit more desireable. It's not worth a fortune, but is more desireable.

Air Security
The Action Pilot Air Security accessories are some of the rarest of the GI Joe items. They were only sold in 1967 like many of the rarest pieces (e.g., airborne MP sets).

Blue Goggles
Goggles came in several colors - green, amber, I've never seen the blue version, but here they are.

Treasure Chest Variation
I've only seen a couple of these on ebay. This rare variation of the treasure chest that came in the Shark's Surprise and Eight Ropes of Dangers sets differs from the standard treasure chests, which were two piece gold molded material. The information I've heard is that this chest was not produced for long. It was made of brown marbled plastic with decorative gold/silver plastic adhered on top. The decorative plastic on the chest is gold in color on the lid and sliver on the bottom of the chest.

M-1 Mid Section Hasbro Stamp
Hasbro marked the M-1 Garand rifles on the butt end, usually near the very edge of the butt. A rarer version includes the stamp further up in the mid section of the rifle butt as seen here.

Entrenching Tool with Brass Collar
Shown above is the super rare first issue entrenching tool with a brass collar. Also see the blade earlier above. It was made for the 1964 toy fair and the earliest production accessory sets. These were marked Hasbro R Japan. It came with a first issue cover made from broad cloth. This shows the front and rear sides of the shovel and cloth pouch.

1964 Green Camouflage Field Phone
This is the first issue green camoflauge field phone. This was made for the 1964 toy fair and only the earliest production accessory sets. It was stamped Hasbro R on the inside.

Early Bayonet
This is the Japan stamped bayonet. It was made for the 1964 toy fair and only the earliest production accessory sets. This is an extremely difficult piece to find. Regular bayonets are difficult enough due to their size and how easy they were to misplace and loose. Add to that their delicate nature (most are found broken or repaired.

Diving Buoy
This is the rarest of the marker buoy variations. It is the early issue version with the white flag and red stripe. It also had a metal weight inside. Hasbro also made this first issue buoy without the metal weight inside as a standard production version with no metal weight and a red flag with white stripe.

Magnum Power Set
This Magnum Power set is very difficult to find. It includes the brown and tan camouflage trousers and top as seen here with Hasbro HONG KONG tags. The rifle is unique to the set and included 3 different removable scopes. The butt of the black rifle should be stamped Hasbro Hong Kong with the registered trademark.

Early Action Soldier Helmet
This is a strange item. It is a first issue soldier helmet with the large maker's mark stamped inside and the round clips. This early helmet has a yellow helmet netting. I have never seen one of these and I imagine the netting easily deteriorated over time. The inside is marked Hasbro (R) Japan.

GI Joe Original (Vintage) Body

Original (Vintage) Body (front/back)
The original GI Joe body appeared in 1964 and featured painted hair and 21 moveable parts. This was followed by the Adventurer and Adventure Team figure with Life-Like hair and later "eagle eye". Pictures coming soon.

GI Joe Super Articulated Body

Super Articulated Body (front/back)
The GI Joe Super Articulated (SA) body appeared on store shelves in late November/December 2001. It was very similar to the Dragon toys body. Gung-Ho grip hands were on all first releases. Small feet than previous figures. The figure was incredibly poseable although the waist was a bit loose.

The Ultimate Soldier Body

Original Body (front/back)
The Ultimate Soldier line by 21st Century Toys was introduced at the San Jose, CA G.I. Joe Convention in 1997. Company reps showed several prototype weapons sets and vehicles that were scheduled to hit the market offering fantastic detail and quality at fantstically low prices. Those pictures of the uniforms on the back of the product cards appeared to be covering some mystery invisible man figure. The Ultimate Soldier action figure was introduced in 1998. This "Sam" figure was very similar to the GI Joe Classic Collection figure then available on the market. However, the price point was much lower at $9.99 for a carded figure (including uniform and weapon) vs. Hasbro's $14.99. The head sculpt was later changed to the "Dead Head" look. Boxed figures ($29.99) followed with some having different head sculpts (101st Airborne, British Paratrooper seen here).

"Super Soldier" Body (front/back)
The Ultimate Soldier "Super Soldier" body was introduced in 2000 with the introduction of the "Operation: Market Garden" and a few other figures. Neck articulation was greatly improved on this version. In addition, the figure could now bend and twist at the abdomen like the actual human body. This feature was very similar to the Dragon action figure. The hip and arm sockets were improved greatly along with the elbow and knee joints. All of these improvements added to the poseability of the figure.

In addition to and prior to the release of the super soldier figure, 21st Century introduced changeable hands for their line of figures. Now the customer could add hands to the figure more appropriate to the pose of the figure. Such hands included saluting hands, fists, trigger finger hands, etc.

The Soldiers of the World Body

New Soldiers of the World (SOTW) (front/back)
Soldiers of the World line by Formative International introduced a new highly articulated figure in 2001 and kept the price point identical to previous figures - $7.99. The figure had vast improvements to the head and neck (now compatible neck post with GI Joe), arm/elbow, leg/knee, and even improved hands and feet. A new waist mechanism slides the torso forward and back. The first releases of the new figure were done in previous uniform schemes and eliminated the figure stand from the package.

G.I. Joe For Christmas

Do you remember Christmas...the annual Christmas catalogs from Sears and others - the SEARS Wishbook, Montgomery Ward, JC Penney? I remember waiting with excitement in late October for these to arrive in the mail. Sometimes we received a card to go to the local catalog store to pick up our copy. These were full of very cool toys in the 1960s and 1970s. Living in a very small North Eastern New York town meant most of my Christmas toys came from these catalogs. Certainly a large majority of what I received in GI Joe came during Christmas and came from these catalogs - mostly the Sears Wishbook. Take a look at some of the images from the past.


GI Joe Premiers
This is page 210 of the 1964 SEARS Wishbook. The very first Wishbook page for GI Joe. This is his premier. At over 11 inches tall, Joe has 21 movable parts.

Action Soldier
That price - $2.32 for a complete Action Soldier in the box with paperwork today can command over $150 for a damaged box and missing paper. If in the same condition as it would have come from SEARS in 1964, we're talking probably close to a thousand dollars - but try to find one in that condition.

On this page, you could also purchase the Field Jacket set, Field Pack set, Bivouac set, and Field Communications set - each for $2.97. Today, they will cost well over $100 on card. The rifle set and machine gun set sold for 99 cents each with the sandbag and helmet sets selling for 89 cents each. Today a mint helmet costs $40 alone. If you can find a bayonet and it's not broken or repaired, it will cost $30 or more. These were easily lost or broken and these toys were actually played with then and not collected.

Action Marine
This is page 211 of the 1964 SEARS Wishbook and mostly showcased Action Marine, which also sold for $2.32. The only remaining Action Soldier items were the Military Police set for $3.99 and the Field Pack set for $1.97. Also showcased for Action Marine on this page were the Beachhead Assault set for $3.89, Paratrooper set for $2.97, and the very cool Marine Dress Parade set for $3.99.

Also showcased for Action Marine on this page were the Beachhead Assault set for $3.89, Paratrooper set for $2.97, and the very cool Marine Dress Parade set for $3.99.

Action Sailor
This is page 212 of the 1964 SEARS Wishbook and showcased Action Sailor and Action Pilot as well as Stoney Smith. Like the other figures, Action Sailor also sold for $2.32.

The first sets sold by SEARS in 1964 for Action Sailor included the Navy Attack accessory set selling for $2.59, the very cool Navy Attack Helmet set for 99 cents, Sea Rescue set for $2.59 which included the yellow raft, Navy Frogman set for $3.99, and the Navy Shore Patrol set for $3.99. The blue Navy Attack helmet is a very desirable helmet, not rare, but a sweet piece.

Action Pilot
This is page 212 of the 1964 SEARS Wishbook and showcased Action Sailor and Action Pilot as well as Stoney Smith. Like the other figures, Action Pilot also sold for $2.32.

The first sets sold by SEARS in 1964 for Action Pilot included the Crash Helmet set selling for $2.59, the very cool Navy Attack Helmet set for 99 cents (will cost a lot more than that today), Parachute Pack set for $1.89, Scramble outfit set for $3.59, and the cool Dress Pilot set for $3.79.

1966 SEARS Wishbook
This beautiful color layout is page 510 of the 1966 SEARS Wishbook. It features the new GI Joe Space Capsule and astronaut. The floatation collar was unique to this SEARS set. SEARS was famous for their own tweaks to GI Joe sets.

Also displayed in this color layout was the frogman, sea sled, and deep sea diver. Again, the sea sled set was another SEARS exclusive with the cave unique to SEARS. It commanded a pretty high price for that time - $11.49. You could buy the sea sled separately for $6.99.

The deep sea diver was a neat set. Like the sea sled, this set was meant to be used in water which brought a unique kind of play action for a kid. No longer did one have to pretend to be in the deep sea. This guy could actually go underwater...which today makes me cringe to thing how many Joe rivets rusted.

This is page 511 of the 1966 SEARS Wishbook featuring the SEARS exclusive Green Beret set. Although $9.99 was a considerable amount of money in 1966. This boxed set was a pretty nice item. It featured two GI Joe figures w/Green Beret uniforms and a load of accessories for $9.89.

Still on page 511 of the 1966 SEARS Wishbook. Shown here was another SEARS exclusive set - the Forward Observer. It featured a GI Joe figure with a number of cool accessories for eavesdropping on the enemy - all for a modest price of $4.97.

Finally on page 511 of the 1966 SEARS Wishbook. Shown here is the debut of the Soldiers of the World line: the French Resistance Fighter, British Commando, Japanese Imperial Soldier, German Storm Trooper, Russian Infantryman, and Australian Jungle Fighter. Each of these sold for $4.97.

1966 SEARS Wishbook
This is page 512 of the 1966 SEARS Wishbook and it was full of neat new and older GI Joe items. One item made for GI Joe by a third party was this sentry case that sold for $2.49. Color photos of this may be seen in the website. This was so much fun to play with as it had the cool sentry gate and guard house.

Old friends included Action Soldier, Action Sailor, Action Pilot, and Action Marine. These jumped a bit in price since their original 1964 debut - now $2.59.

Also featured on this page was the Green Beret set for $3.79, the bivouac set for $3.79, Field Pack set at $2.97, Rifle set for $0.99, and the Field Jacket set for $2.97. Rounding out the page were the wooden footlocker and new GI Joe bunk bed.

1966 SEARS Wishbook
This is page 513 of the 1966 SEARS Wishbook. This page featured quite a few Joe items like the Marine Dress Parade, Navy Signal Officer, and Air Force Scramble sets.

The Air Force Crash Crew set was also displayed on this page and remains one of my favorites. For $3.79, you got that very cool fire suit made of the same material as the GI Joe astronaut.

The Ski Troops outfit, another one of my favorites, sold for $3.79 and included the very cool white arctic outfit with the bear emblem. The skis and poles were really nice quality. Many aftermarket skis would never compare to these.

Other sets included the Marine Demolition set with working metal detector for $2.79, Marine Medic Set with working stretcher for $2.99, Navy Sea Rescue set with inflatable raft for $4.19, Marine Assault set for $3.49, and Machine Gun set for $0.99.

1966 SEARS Wishbook
This is page 514 of the 1966 SEARS Wishbook featuring the GI Joe 7000 jeep and trailer. Although $9.99 was a considerable amount of money in 1966, today collectors would pay that price all day long to get one of these beautiful jeeps in the box.

Included with the set was the very cool projectile canon, two shells, and the neat searchlight. Notice that you could also buy the two batteries separately. I remember how discouraging it could be to get a cool toy on Christmas morning, but not having the batteries. Sixteen cents for a "D" cell battery or 5 for 90 cents. Inflation has really bumped those prices over the years.

Also sold on this page were some items made for GI Joe including the very cool Panther jet, motorcycle with sidecar, helicopter, and staff car.

1968 SEARS Wishbook
This is page 505 of the 1968 SEARS Wishbook and it was the only page, or should I say half page, of GI Joe toys that year. The page featured three GI Joe items - the GI Joe Space Capsule and astronaut suit as well as the Sea Sled and Navy Frogman.

1969 SEARS Wishbook
This is page 496 of the 1969 SEARS Wishbook and it was the only page of GI Joe toys that year, but there were some awesome items.

Shown for sale in the 1969 SEARS page was the Mercury Space Capsule with glow-in-the-dark interior. Pictured with this was the Space Walk outfit, all of these for $6.99. Also pictured was the talking astronaut for $4.99 which said 8 different phrases. Included was the very hard to find cloth hat.

New for 1969 were the GI Joe Adventurers (Caucasian and African American versions). These figures sold for $2.99 each, but today the outfits are more rare than other Joe items with the ribbed white T-shirt, brown pants, and tan fatigue hat.

The final items on page 496 included the Test Pilot set for $4.99 and included a real working parachute, Ski Patrol set for $3.99, Frogman set for $6.99 and included a sea sled, and the Polar Explorer set with dog sled and dog team for $6.99.

1970 SEARS Wishbook
This is page 534 of the 1970 SEARS Wishbook and it announced the arrival of the GI Joe Adventure Team. The few Adventure Team figures included the Talking Adventure Team Commander with Life-Like hair and beard for $5.44, the African American Adventurer with Life-Like, but no beard, and the Sea Adventurer with red hair and beard for $3.44 each.

SEARS featured two Adventure Team sets - Mission to Spy Island for $4.87 and the White Tiger Hunt for $6.97. Both of these sets had some nice accessories with a lot of play value. Spy Island had the inflatable black raft and black sweater while the White Tiger set contained the neat cage and tiger.

1970 SEARS Wishbook
Still on page 534 of the 1970 SEARS Wishbook was the popular Mercury Space Capsule and the Spacewalk outfit. This was the neat glow-in-the-dark cockpit version of the capsule. Hold the capsule to the light for a few minutes and then turn off the lights. The capsule would glow in the dark and was very cool. I can't count all the times I did this as a kid. All of this was offered for $6.97.

Offered again in 1970 was the GI Joe Talking Astronaut with blonde Life-Like hair. The white jumpsuit featured the astro sticker on the left breast. The Fantastic Freefall and Shark's Surprise were also for sale.

1970 SEARS Wishbook
This color layout on page 535 of the 1970 SEARS Wishbook displayed a very nice and unique SEARS exclusive set. This 3-in-1 SEARS Adventure Team super set includes the Search for the Mummy's Tomb, Capture the Pygmy Gorilla, and Polar Expedition all rolled up into one fantastic set. This set demanded $11.99 which was a lot of money in 1970.

The super set came with the ATV, mummy, and other desert accessories, boat, gorilla, orange tent, white arctic outfit, white sled dog and sled.

Insuring Your G.I. Joe Collection

Many of us have invested quite a few dollars in this hobby. The worst thing that could happen is for it all to go up in smoke or be the victim of theft. Don’t assume your homeowner’s insurance policy will adequately protect your valuable and/or extensive figure collection. As a general rule, your homeowner’s insurance includes coverage for the contents of your home equal to about 50% to 70% of the worth of the insurance on the structure of your home. There are usually limits on the amount of coverage for certain items such as furs, jewelry and collectibles.

Contact your insurance company to see if you need a separate rider. My insurance company insures my collection using this method and insures the collection under fine arts. The price per hundred dollars insured will vary depending upon your insurance company and specific rider. I pay a small (relative) amount extra a year in homeowners, but it’s well worth it. I update this policy every year when it’s time to renew. The value goes up each year so it’s worth it.

Insuring your collection also means you will have to have a very detailed record of what you have in your collection. If you never started keeping such records and you now have several hundred figures and accessories, this will be a tough job. It’s well worth taking a Saturday afternoon and going through every figure you own. Computerize the file using Excel (it’s easier to add the numbers).

My records are actually quite detailed for this purpose, but I use them for other reasons as well as insurance. Yours do not need to be as detailed as mine. My GI Joe collection file is broken down for figure types (action sailor/marine/pilot/soldier, adventure team, Joseph Colton, soldiers of the world, Timeless collection, modern forces, WWII forces, holiday collection, astronaut collection, historical commanders, alpha/bravo/delta/echo collection, Masterpiece collection, store exclusives (e.g., Toys R Us, Target, FAO, Wal-Mart, JC Penney, Kmart, KB Toy), GI Joe Club, 30th anniversary, Classic collection, 21 Century, custom figures, Ultimate Soldier, etc.) accessory cards (mission gear, deluxe mission gear, battle gear, top secret orders, etc.), and vehicles (vintage, Soldiers of the World, Ultimate Soldier, New Ray) and lists information such as item name, description (exhaustive list includes every accessory), Hasbro assortment number, product number, stock number, figure condition, clothing condition, hair color, hair type (i.e., painted, life-like, beard), eye color, dog tag type, painted rivets, copyright type, purchase price, place purchased, year produced, current value, store exclusive information, ethnicity (e.g., Caucasian, African American, Hispanic, Asian), and remarks.

My files also indicate where each item is located (i.e., storage container number, display cabinet, shelf number, etc.). Again, your details do not need to include such catagories or breakdowns for insurance purposes.

My best advice is take the time to create a list for your collection. Before you start, carefully decide what details you want to include in any kind of data base. If you have a moderate to large collection, the last thing you want to do is go through the entire collection more than once because you just thought of another cool item you want to track. Get your collection insured. Don’t wait for something unfortunate to happen before taking this important step in action figure collecting.

San Jose Super Toy, Comic Book & Collectible Show
December 1, 2012
Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, 344 Tully Road

Early Bird 9 AM - 10:59 AM, General admission 11 AM - 4:30 PM; General Admission: $6.00; Kids Under 12: $3.00; Early Bird: $15.00
250+ tables of vintage to modern toys and collectibles! Huge variety of Hot Wheels, GI Joe's, Transformers, Star Wars, comic books, records and more!

Contact: Time Tunnel Toys, 532 S. Bascom Ave., San Jose, CA 95128, (408) 298-1709 or

2013 GI Joe Collector's Club Convention
April 4-7, 2013
Indianapolis, Indiana
Hotel: JW Marriott ($139/night)

10 S West Street
phone: 1-877-303-0104 / 1-866-704-6162

Annual G.I. Joe Collector's Club Convention. For hotel reservations, call number above. General's Package & Base Commander's Package - $330 members ($400 non-members), Aide's Package (available only w/General's package) - $90 ($120 non-member), Sergeant's Package - $180 members ($230 non-members). Contact G.I. Joe Collectors' Club (817) 448-9863. General Admission: 9AM Early Bird $50; 10AM-5PM Regular Admission Adults $15; Children $10 (4 and under free); and Sunday 9:30AM-3:30PM.

Displaying Figures

GI Joe action figures were not meant to hide in boxes and in deep dark places...that is unless it's a vintage boxed item from the 1964 era. Some collectors could not possibly display everything, but I personally enjoy displaying all of my vintage painted hair and Adventure Team figures.

DETOLF Display Cabinet

Here is one type of display case made by IKEA. This DETOLF case is fairly inexpensive at around $59.99. It's easy to assemble and contains 4 shelves that have adequate height for 12" action figures.

I usually can place 8 or 9 figures per shelf depending upon the number and size of accessories that come with the figure. If there are large accessories, it's usually best to decrease that number. If you crowd them in there, then you really cannot see the figures adequately.

You can also buy an optional lighting kit for the case. This installs in the top of the display case. I have 6 of these cases.

IKEA Display Cabinet

Here is another display case made by IKEA. This case is a bit shorter than the DETOLF, but has this unique angled top. I am not sure if IKEA still sells this cabinet. It's easy to assemble and contains 4 shelves that have adequate height for 12" action figures.

I like this one specifically because of the unique top. I use these cases to display some of the Adventure Team sets that have lots of accessories such as the White Tiger Hunt that has a short tent.

As in the other IKEA display cabinet, I usually can place 8 or 9 figures per shelf depending upon the number and size of accessories that come with the figure.

Retail Store Display Case

You may be lucky enough to come upon a display case like this one. This is a standard display case used by many retail outfits. My wife and I picket this up from an antique store in California that was going out of business. The angled feature on one end is designed to connect with another case to form an angled counter space.

This case is about six feet long and four feet in height. It contains 2 glass shelves and a key operated locking mechanism that operates two sliding back doors that allow access to the inside. Two large bottom drawers allow storage of accessories or figures. The unit is wired for lights, which provide pretty good light for the entire dispaly case.

The top allows a nice area for displaying other things such as vehicles. I used to fill the entire top with vehicles and figures, but found that it cluttered the top and didn't allow adequate visibility of the top glass shelf inside. Today, I only display my Stuart tank on the case.

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