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I purchase GI Joe collections or single items. Contact me if you have a large collection or just a figure or two that you need to move. Over the years, I have purchased several collections of various sizes. I buy all vintage 12" figures, vehicles, clothing, and accessories from 1964-1975. This includes the 12" Adventure Team. I also buy vintage GI Joe related children's toys (backyard patrol, walkie-talkies, puzzles, coloring books, etc.) If you have any Joe items that are no longer needed, please contact me. Condition is important so it's helpful to send photos of your items to enable me to provide you with an accurate offer.

Steps to Buying Your Collection
1. Use the email link at the bottom of each page or above to contact me. Provide a short description of what you have.
2. I will email you to confirm your offer and let you know if your items are something that interest me. I only collect vintage (1964-'75) 12" figures and related items. I do not collect 3 3/4" figures.
3. The next step will involve photos. I will ask you for digital photos of your collection or item. I use these photos for two purposes. First, to get an idea of how large your collection is, and second, to get a preliminary idea of its condition.
4. Next I want to get an idea of what you were hoping to get out of your collection. If it's an amount that seems reasonable to me, I may ask for some additional information on condition and possibly some additional photos. If it looks like we may be too far apart on pricing, then I will let you know then.
5. I will make an offer based on a number of factors. First and foremost is condition. CONDITION IS EVERYTHING. The rarest item in poor condition has no value. Other factors that play into my offer include what I pay for similar items in my local area; what the items are worth to me (items I already own or cannot use have less value to me); rarity of items; the fact that I am buying bulk and paying cash (i.e., you don't have to sell items individually on auction sites, pack, and mail items); etc.
6. I don't get into bidding wars so if you are extending your offer to other collectors, you will only get one offer from me.
7. We can dicker on price. I'm fine with that. However, my offers are not good forever. After 48 hours or any lengthy break in contact with you, I may no longer support that offer as I may be in negotiation with others on their collections.

I am not a toy retailer, only a collector! Any extra items I have for sale are posted on Ebay. I sell some items from my own collection either because they are duplicates or items no longer needed. I may be able to give collectors an idea on where to find certain items, but I do not distribute toy manufacturer's stock as a retailer so please do not email asking for prices. Check out the items I have up for auction. They're not all G.I. Joe or even toys for that matter. Take a look!

Auction Area

If you are a winning bidder and I don't contact you within 3 days (which has never been the case), you should definitely contact me. I usually try to send an invoice pretty soon after the auction close. Please do not complete the eBay checkout until you receive my invoice. Shipping charges are estimates only so if you complete the eBay checkout before getting the invoice, you run the risk of accepting higher shipping charges. Let me just say that I am not a toy dealer. My items are extras from my own collection, toys that I had as a kid, toys I've received in a trade, items I run across (both toys and other things), and things that have been accumulating for years. I am a GI Joe collector first.

I can only accept PayPal now thanks to eBay's latest rules. They no longer allow sellers to accept money orders or personal checks for payment. I have no control over this. I reserve the right to hold items until paypal payment is confirmed in my account.

I have had a few minor problems with winning bidders not paying me. Although these are a small percentage, they do occur. I'm pretty liberal when it comes to this, but you should note: Items not paid for within 3 days are subject to being offered to the next highest bidder or relisted on eBay and a non-paying bidder notice being filed against the bidder. Please DO NOT bid on an item if you cannot accept these terms.

Shipping is usually done via U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail, First Class Mail, or Media Mail within the U.S. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the winning bidder. I usually ship smaller items first class mail to save you on shipping charges as long as it can be done without damaging the item and within weight restrictions. Books usually ship via media mail. I ship internationally, but only to Canada. International shipping will be a bit higher depending upon the package weight and destination so keep that in mind before bidding. I have bought and sold on eBay since 1997. Since that time, I never added a handling charge on items sold. However, with increasing costs driven by eBay and other services like PayPal, I found that beginning in 2009, I must now add a small handling fee to all items won in my auctions. This fee includes delivery confirmation and USPS insurance.

I do not pad shipping charges in order to collect more on an item. I have seen it done so I know the practice exists. I don't like it! I weigh all packages and figure charges using the U.S. Postal Service web page. If my scale shows a rate close to the next weight/charge category, I will charge the next higher rate just in case the Post Office charges me. My scale certainly isn't as accurate as theirs by a long shot for those situations. Auction postal charges are estimates only. Please wait for my invoice before using Ebay's checkout feature. I usually have all the boxes and packing material I need. If the package needs a special box or envelope, then those charges will be included in the total shipping charge. This happens mostly for 1st Class Mail items.

The standard handling charge includes delivery confirmation and insurance. Please note that once the US Postal Service or other shipper has the package, I am not responsible for any loss or damage. US Postal Service insurance covers loss. I have only had two or three packages get lost in the mail in over 1000 transactions and both were small dollar items.

All of my auction items include a photo of the item and sometimes multiple photos showing different views when necessary. My auction descriptions provide detailed information about the item and its condition including any imperfections (rips, tears, stains, markings, dings, etc.) or outstanding features it may have (color, size, mint, etc.). The photos will also show this. If you need additional information, whether written or photographic, contact me before bidding. Because of the aforementioned, my items are sold AS IS. If you receive your item and feel it was not accurately described and that I was way off base, contact me and we will discuss it. Sometimes I may miss something.

Email Communication
I'll let you know when I receive payment and ship via ebay's "My ebay status." I try to do this promptly. When the sale is completed and you have received your item, if everything went well, I would appreciate it if you would leave some positive feedback. For sellers, I leave feedback upon receipt of the package. For buyers, I leave positive feedback once the buyers has left feedback for me (no exceptions).

My Philosophy
I think 3 days is enough time to pay someone when you've committed to doing so in the auction and especially when eBay insists on electronic PayPal payments. When I'm a buyer, I pay my bids at least by the next business day and usually the same day or hour, so I don't think it's unreasonable to receive the same courtesy. Of course, the world isn't perfect and I realize that sometimes life gets in the way. Contact me and we can work something out. One thing I really hate is when the winning bid does not contact me at all. Please don't put me in that situation.

I mail packages within 48-72 hours. I believe this is only right. The winning bidder is anxious to claim his/her prize. I know that I want sellers I deal with to send my item as soon as possible. It's only right that I do the same. My work schedule conflicts with UP Postal Service hours so I use the automated postal center in my Post Office for all Priority Mail and first class packages that fit in the machine. If packages are larger than what the APC can handle or the APC is not functioning, shipment will be made on Saturdays ONLY. Media mail is only mailed one day of the week (Saturday). If payment for media mail shipment arrives on Saturday, shipment will occur the following Saturday.

Please be patient while waiting for receipt of goods. I can ship Priority Mail, media mail, or 1st Class, but cannot move the mail myself. Once the Post Office or other shipper takes the package, it's in their hands. I have had a few experiences where a 1st Class package will take up to two weeks for delivery within the Unitied States. I can't explain it. I even had one package take 2 months via airmail to make it to Canada. Again, I have no idea why.

Take a look at the current auctions I have listed on eBay. Click below. This will display a table of auction items. Simply click the item number to see a picture and description of any item.

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